Monday, March 24, 2008

new cat!

Say hello to my new friend, Tigger! Took a nice sunny drive out just past the city limits to bring him home. So far, so good .. .he's been through a lot, and my two female cats have done nothing but hiss and howl at him all day. He's holding his own, however ...

So today was a nice sunny one, and I realized how much I miss just having a day to truly have no agenda whatsoever. Had a nice brunch out, thanks to some cash my parents and grandparents stashed in my easter cards. also finally got a walk in, walked to a friends and watched a neat Woody Allen flick.

This weekend, I did spend some money, but only $3.50. At two yard sales. I bought a china plate-turned-soap dish for $1 (one of the blue and white variety made in England), a veggie steamer ($2), and a never-used vintage-looking dishtowel (50 cents). I can't resist yard sales. I see these things as investments.

I think I have a touch of something not good in my system. I'm debating staying home from work tomorrow ... we'll see.


  1. oh, he's so adorable!!

    and, i think $3.50 spent at yard sales is something you'll not regret. just think: you could have spent that money on overpriced coffee, but instead, you got 3 lasting things out of it! plus, *recycled* goods (in a sense), which i'm always a fan of. keeping perfectly usable things out of the trash while not forking over an arm & a leg for new crap (that very well might break after 1 use! blah).

    anyway. i feel like your cheerleader, but i'm VERY enthusiastic about watching your progress on this blog, and of learning from you new ways of simplifying and organizing and cutting back on spending. this was a great idea - both for you to keep track of your progress & to share that experience with the rest of the world. yay! :)


  2. i am so happy to see your new addition! i really enjoyed reading about your zen easter (and what a great present!) and it sounds like you found some rare finds that are well worth the $! that's the most important part.. quality and deep (read: long-term) appreciation.

    i also really love the spirit of this new blog, to live the awakened life. good for you. i feel like a new person lately, myself. more on that.. i swear.. it's been so hard to describe as i'm kind of in the middle of it. either way, i truly do feel the renewal of spring all around me, and hope it's in a lasting way. i see it in you, too. so thankful to have a deep friendship with such a caring person as you, as we strive to live the "awakened" life. my best wishes for your striving towards that end. :) love, Sarah