Wednesday, March 26, 2008

putting on the brakes, a bit.

I've decided that I need an entire day off ... devoted to making bread! And perhaps practicing some long put-off knit stitches ... that will happen probably just over a week from now, during April's I'm-not-going-anywhere spring break ; )

It just started to rain down here, it began sprinkling as I took a short after-dinner walk (homemade pizza, mmmm) down the streets on both sides of my house. There are some gorgeous old homes around here. The area is not elitist by any stretch, in fact some of the homes are a little worn down. What I wouldn't give to buy one of those and work for a few years fixing it up ... well, you never know. But I definitely want an old house with character. Maybe strip the inside and have it built again LEED green ... haha that's definitely pie-in-the-sky talk now.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but yoga class went really, really well. It is fairly close to my house (less than 10 min drive), and there were only two other students in the early morning class. The studio was small, with dimmed lighting (till the sun came up, of course!) and incense burning and while it was hard to get my still half-asleep body to do the poses, it was nice to know that I had done something well for myself without it feeling crammed in. I may go again tomorrow morning, though this will cost me! However the way I see it is when Mary moves out at the end of May, I can cancel the $30/month cable TV (ugh) and put what I would have paid for it toward the $70/month yoga membership. so that's old cable subsription plus an extra $10/week. Not so shabby when yoga runs $14/class! I can do tuesday and thursday mornings, and a sunday night (virtually unheard of in yoga world) restorative yoga class to begin the week. what a nice thrice-weekly schedule that would be! hm....well, i can't do much about it for now. finances are tight, and i've only just started really, truly, reigning the dollars in.

but where was i? ah, yes, still learning to slow down life and love it more. it's not easy. i can't explain it, but i'm sure you know what i mean. the rest of this night will be looking up a good homemade mac and cheese recipe (i'm trying to eventually quit, say, 90 percent of prepackaged organic foods altogether), drinking mint tea (on this note i'd like to go all loose leaf when all my bags are used up. this benefit is trifold: freeing up three glass jars currently filled to the brim with tea bags -- well, maybe two cause the leaves have to go somewhere! -- for other food storage, reducing impact on the environment, and well loose tea is just altogether better for you than bagged, which in most cases is just tea dust.), reading The Omnivore's Dilemma (just finished very disturbing chapter on factory beef farms), and writing a card to a friend back home.

In my next post, I'm going to copy something Rhonda wrote in her down---to---earth blogspot.
It's worth repeating. But give credit where credit is due --- this woman seems an amazing individual!

Love to you,


can someone please tell me how to subscribe to friends' blogs on this site? merci.


  1. I'm not certain you can...not like in LJ, anyway. I use a feed reader (like Google Reader or Bloglines) to read my friends' Blogger posts. DO let me know if you find a way that works better, for yourself! I'm always interested in finding ways to do things better. ;)

    (Which, I suppose, is the whole point of this blog...!)


  2. p.s. Not to spur on consumerism, but if you are looking for some pretty quality loose tea that comes in reusable tins & cannisters, is my new favorite tea site. I am totally in love with it. I'll send you a $5 gift certificate too if you are interested in trying out one of their samplers (they're $4 each but you have to spend at least the $5 before shipping, so unfortunately it's not simply a free test, you'll have to shell out a couple of $$ but you can keep it to only a couple). Anyway, yah. Didn't mean to write that much! I just find their tea delicious - I gave a lot as Christmas presents last year, and the recipients seemed pleased, as well.