Friday, April 18, 2008

earthquake in kentucky

i was woken up this morning by my first-ever earthquake! i don't remember waking up, but all of a sudden i was sitting up in bed, it felt like i was on a train, and my dresser was rattling like it does when the cats jump off it. i thought it was just me, but then my friend from Indiana called, he felt it too, my roommate woke up and heard the dishes rattling, then we discovered it was all over the news. 5.4 magnitude centered in illinois. scary!!!


  1. wow! i've always wondered what that felt like. (the one time NY had an earthquake, i was of course out of state for the weekend...) you describe it really well. glad you are OK!!

  2. We've had bunches of little ones in northern Nevada lately. I remember feeling a few growing up in Colorado, but I didn't realize they had them in the Midwest. It can definitely get your adrenaline going!