Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a good, mindful reminder.

If we could abolish knowledge and wisdom
Then people would profit a hundredfold;
If we could abolish duty and justice
Then harmonious relationships would form;
If we could abolish artifice and profit
Then waste and theft would disappear.
Yet such remedies treat only symptoms
And so they are inadequate.
People need personal remedies:
Reveal your naked self and embrace your original nature;
Bind your self-interest and control your ambition;
Forget your habits and simplify your affairs.


  1. really nice thoughts. .. so i signed up to get automatically notified when you post, and haven't been. so i am very sorry to be sarah-come-lately in my comments! :/

  2. i like most of the sentiment of this, but..."abolish knowledge & wisdom"?? maybe i'm missing something, but i think that's definitely something i *don't* want to abolish. i feel like it's what helps humanity. would you mind explaining more thoroughly what you think the author meant by this? i want to understand what i am not understanding.

    thank you!! xo