Tuesday, April 8, 2008

recent nature

This weekend, Mary and I drove to Lexington to escape Louisville for a bit.

Here is some of what we saw at the University of Kentucky's arboretum.

Of course, it's still early in the year, so there wasn't much in flower.

They have an entire section for medicinal herbs, and one for cooking herbs! How neat.

In any case, though it was overcast and didn't rain. Afterwards, we went to a local coffeehouse for lunch and reading and, for me, nearly napping. what a comfy couch they had! enjoy the pictures and be inspired ...

(the castle wasn't actually part of the arboretum ... but it was a beautiful sight to behold on the Bluegrass Parkway driving home through horse country ...)

behold my favorite observation ... compost! one of about four piles I saw.


  1. thank you for sharing such pretty sights! (including *you*!)

    and i love the name "bluegrass parkway"

    glad you made it out to lexington!!

  2. Aw! Lovely photos! I should have Jake take a picture of the compost box he made... he used old clapboards from the house.