Friday, June 6, 2008

finding a simple, uncluttered space at home.

This is just a short post to say that one of my very best friends is leaving my tiny apartment tomorrow and I will miss her very much, having lived with her the last 10 months in an entirely new place ... Kentucky! Now Kentucky feels more like home for a bit, and I bid her adieu having a decent networking and friends thing in place.

I am also writing to say that my new couch has arrived (i won't go into the details, as it involves some unpleasantness, unfortunately) ... "new" of course meaning new to me. This time will begin my overhaul of my tiny but soon-to-be cozy apartment. Which, due to the fact that I have school to attend, probably won't be finished until fall. But that's okay.

here are the plans: downstairs to be a reading/yoga/meditation space. i'd like to splurge on a big meditation cushion? perhaps from a local store that contains only fair trade crafts from around the world. my friend angie is going to help me make a simple yet sturdy cinderblock/wood shelf for the TV/peace books/CDs/dvds/candles/bells/incense/etc to go. the room will of course have my yoga mat, and my papasan (sp?) reading chair, and books on shelves. and eventually, a nice rug to cover stains that won't come out of the carpet. in winter, a roaring fire in the fireplace! the paint will be a bright blue to reflect the outdoor sky, so it's a happy, bright space, even at winter time or during the night. I would also like a few plants, as they brighten the space and help to purify the air. I saw in a local antique shop two prints of japanese women wearing traditional costumes and waving fans, and they were framed nicely, but for $20/apiece I found it to be a little steep. hm maybe i can strike a bargain? They'd really be perfect for the room.

upstairs, will be my couch and television set for movies. i'm hoping that eventually, the place will take on more of the sparse, Zen aspect of home decor I love so much. Makes for a clear mind, you know? I am proud that I got rid of two huge bags and one box of "stuff" i don't need (mostly clothes), but I'm wondering what else I can get rid of. I look to figures like St. Francis (though I'm not religious) of Assisi, and even Florence Nightingale, for inspiration.


  1. awesome plans! i've definitely been trying to pare down what i've got a lot recently, too. one problem, though, is all my yarn - i keep trying to knit what i've got, but new projects call to me all the time! what would help i think is just one large bin to hold it all, though, because it otherwise looks so much like clutter. otherwise, i'm definitely trying to stay very sparse. i've learned that having lots of boxes to keep things out of sight also helps make for a much simpler look. okay, okay, i know THAT one was obvious, but i've grown much more into that idea recently, in terms of decor + simplicity. (yay Ikea.)

    anyway, the real reason i was even commenting was to say that the prints of the Japanese women reminds me of our visit to the MFA, yay! that was such a lovely time. i hope we can do that again sometime. that Buddha room in the museum is still one of my favorite places in the world.


  2. Good luck with your plans for your place. It's nice to have a room that's a designated quiet space. I'm really bad at the whole minimalist thing though. I feel like a mouse sometimes stuffing things in every last corner for some later purpose or picking up shiny feathers here and there... that's the problem with being a crafter... there's always too much potential in different materials... though luckily most of my pack rat finds are found at thrift stores and flea markets or in nature. We've still got a number of house projects to go, but it is worth it to make your living space one that you truly enjoy being in and one a place you draw inspiration from and find a peaceful refuge from the world at large.