Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Victory over Kraft's Evil Mac

I am babysitting three children today: 10, 6, and 4. when i picked up the 6-year-old to bring him over the sisters' house, his mom packed him a "Kraft Easy Mac" for lunch. I cringed, but accepted (I did not visibly cringe, though these days it takes every ounce of my effort to be successful. ) Then, as I was at the sisters' house, looking through their "convenience" pantry and fridge (GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH), also containing Kraft Mac, I had an idea: make my OWN damned mac n cheese and stick it in the kraft container so the kid, a picky eater to begin with, would never know: First, I made my lunch using what little veggies and natural ingredients I could find: elbow macaroni, then steamed, not microwaved, the frozen corn and edamame I found in olive oil. Added a teensy bit of teriyaki sauce and black pepper, and presto: relatively healthy lunch. also snacked on two squares of colby cheese.

Here's what I did for the kid: Unceremoniously dumped the gross-looking dry macaroni right into the garbage can. Then, took the leftover macaroni I'd boiled, threw it in a saucepan, and broke about about 4 of those pre-made squares of colby cheese into tiny pieces. Added some olive oil (for good fat), low-fat milk ( more protein!), and a big spoonful of yogurt butter (thank god they had this). then melted in some fresh shaved parm cheese. When it was done, it was DELICIOUS. Still fattening, sure, but not freeze-dried and disgusting and full of additives and god knows what chemicals. I did put about 1/4 of the packet of nasty Kraft cheese sauce mix in just for color. When it was all ready, I filled the Kraft cup back up. Presto!! And you know what ... the kid LOVED it and had no idea! I gave some to the other girls, too ... and they loved it too!

see what you can make in just 15 minutes? yeah ... go me!! Evil Kraft .... evil. not to mention microwaving food in plastics ... blechhhhhhh!!! (and that goes for microwaving food in general ... how strange.) Sigh ... if people just were informed and took the time ... !

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