Wednesday, September 17, 2008

making my own clothes ... someday

i often fantasize about making my own clothes ... similar to the ones i've posted below. a good friend of mine has a sewing machine just sitting around ... to GIVE me!! it may be a couple of years before i make the endeavor, though... but how generous of her. for now i must work on my nascent knitting.
aren't these lovely? this purple one is my favorite ...

last dress on the right ... i ADORE the style and pattern.

ah .... to have beautiful clothes no one wears anymore ... simple, comfy dresses and skirts ... and to make them! someone tell me this is easier than i'm imagining .... all i can see is way too much math getting in the way. sure hope i'm wrong!!


  1. i *adore* the purple pattern! it would be stunning on you, too!!

    i was hoping to do more of this, too, after my one try with Alice In Wonderland. =)

  2. those *are* great clothes.

    i figure, if you master the math in knitting, you should be totally fine with sewing... :) it's all mostly addition & subtraction anyway, right? AND, who cares if you have to write stuff down? it's not a high school math test. ;) don't let that stop you!!

  3. I love that purple one... something like that would make a totally awesome wedding dress... hmm. I think just start with a pattern that says its simple or for beginners and you can jump right in. Most of the measuring involved is just figuring out your size... don't just go with the size you wear in stores, either, because sewing pattern sizes run different than the ones on the rack.