Wednesday, September 17, 2008


ok i am relatively new to this on blogger so bear with me that the pictures are somewhat in disarray ... let's call this random slide show. haha. well here is the top shelf of my pantry a couple weeks ago ...

i can always make time for a cuppa!
babysitting fun with blue chalk ... .this is emily.
windowsill. i've since gotten a new basil plant to replace the one that died when i was gone over the summer. those flowers are from the farmer's market and lasted weeks!
aerial view of my living room from the stairs ..behind that bead curtain is a coat closet where i do some stockpiling.
one of the parents at my school found these just laying on the side of the road ... guess who scooped them up!! all they needed was a good washing. they'll make great grain storage containers. actually the middle one has barley in it, the tiny one kasha. the biggest one is still awaiting goodies.

chocolate chip oatmeal cookies from scratch ... i've learned the bottoms won't burn if i put them onto unbleached wax paper. yummy!
farmer's market kale. i found it a little bitter but was worth a try!
amazing smoothie: mix ice cubes, soy milk, honey, protein powder (soy), flax seeds, wheat germ, a ton of frozen blueberries. blend. oh. my. goodness. heaven in a holly hobbie cup!!

tree damage in my neighborhood from hurricane ike:

brownies from scratch. i used almond extract instead of vanilla. coworkers approved. again, note the wax paper.

here is our playground. sad, sad story for the beech. we had school in the dark today, the kids used flashlights to go to the bathroom. much of the town is still without power.

you can see my car in this one ... the green one with the stickers.

that's all for now ... i'll post more by the weekend!!


  1. Love seeing your place - you're right, photos really do make a blog more interesting :-)
    And the hurricane damage - whew! Glad you (and your car) made it through ok. It looks like it was scary!

  2. it was interesting to see all of the damage interspersed with pictures of warmth and love. the random slide aspect made it easier to digest, but karen i do hope your nerves have settled from this and i'm sending you peace.. thank you for sharing your life in louisville, as we all really miss you! love, me. <3

  3. you living room is just beautiful and looks soooo cozy.

  4. Oh, wow, you've been posting a lot... I need to catch up... great to see pictures of things going on in your life... that hurricane damage looks scary! But the chalk faced little girl is quite adorable!