Tuesday, September 16, 2008

what's going on in Louisville, Kentucky

I've x-posted below from my blog entry on myspace. i've been just itching to post a pictures post for the last several days, but have been completely unable to due to circumstances beyond my control. Rhonda I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for reaching out and touching my blog with your comment. I really meant a lot to me, especially as you were my inspiration for officially starting down this path. Thank you, you are incredible. And to everyone else who's picked up my blog! Great, wonderful, strong, determined women (most of you are women...i think...).

promise promise, pictures SOON!!!!

love to all and



for those who don't live here, we got a pretty bad hit on sunday from hurricane ike, who we were right in the outer path of. there are trees down all over the place, blocking roads, crashed into houses, etc. most of the town is still without power, and we haven't had school for two days. we're supposed to have it (school) tomorrow, but the power is still out. internet and phone service are spotty, and the cafes are so packed that i think people are overloading the Net so it keeps crashing. i'm at the public library now. i was lucky ... never once lost power but it's creepy cause i look out my window at night and its all dark and i can just hear generators running. luckily we've had good weather throughout with cooler temps so people without a/c can breathe easy.
today was also a very difficult day for me, as i witnessed a very bad car accident where three 13-year-old girls were hit by a car and two of them went flying. i was one of the first 911 callers, and saw the whole thing. i also tried comforting one of the girls. they were all in shock. i feel like i've been through the wringer and may take a personal day from work tomorrow despite having just had a four-day weekend. i just don't feel 100 percent after all this weirdness. my energy is a little more sensitive to the changes in the world, and i really feel its depletion when things aren't lined up just so. i don't want to be depleted for the kids, especially as there was another stressful incident at school last week that i won't even get into.
then there is some minor personal stuff i'm trying to work through, as well.
i'm okay and hope i don't seem complaining ... i'm not ... i just want to feel more like myself and that things are relatively normal when i go back to work.
thanks for listening.
peace ...
has anyone noticed the full moon ... ??

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