Thursday, September 18, 2008

potato salad and some knitting

i feel really, really guilty about doing what i did last night: throwing away two large buckets of store-bought potato salad one couple i babysit for gave me to take home after a party they threw at their home last week. i was going to bring them to our school's annual fall picnic, but that got canceled due to hurricane ike. i HATED this food going to waste, but i kept trying to tell myself . .. It's NOT food. it's science lab food! i mean, come on ... who puts YELLOW 5 in potato salad for chrissakes? answer: major american supermarket chain, of course. also there was partially hydrogenated/corn syrup and some other weird-sounding things. so what did i do? made my own, of course! you tell me which one looks better (mine: organic red potatoes, green pepper and onion from the farmer's market, fresh organic basil leaves, dried parsley, organic dijon mustard, black pepper, Vegenaise, and a few pinches of sea salt. THAT's IT. and it tastes ... amazing.) ... why would anyone want to eat anything else? farewell, "potato salad." i'm sorry i could not in good conscience give you even to people who need it. because poor and homeless people deserve healthy food, too. Thank goodness for people like Food Not Bombs who do their best to supply this for them when precious little else (except junk!) is often available. it's also why i'm getting so very excited about volunteering at the local community co-op farm ... to teach children where indeed our food comes from, and so they can learn that they can very well grow it themselves! and not rely on "potato salad" shipped on a big carbon-footprint truck ride from hundreds of miles away.
here is my knitting ... first EVER project! this is just a quick pic from the cafe i'm always at .... it's a little ragged and there's nearly a gaping hole in it at one point ... but i'm pluggin' away and loving every minute of how relaxing it is.

i hope you all had a great day. we're hoping to have the power back on at school tomorrow. and ... it's friday. i'm hoping to attend a yoga class with a friend after school ... and then i have the weekend all to myself. i'm hoping to get some long-postponed homework done, but i also hope to spend a fair amount of time outside, as the weather is supposed to be beautiful.
peace to all of you, and THANKS to all the increased traffic on my blog -- from all over the world! i hope i can help deliver a little inspiration myself, after all that i've received from the links on my home page.


  1. thank you for the Food Not Bombs love. everyone deserves to eat in dignity and health! :)

    i wouldn't want people to eat that industrial food product of a salad, either. yours looks scrumptious!

    congrats on the start of your knitting- looks great!

  2. LOVE that color green! and your knitting looks great - way to be on the purl stitch already! most knitters start with a basic garter stitch project because it's easier. i think it looks gorgeous. it'll be sooo nice to wear. :)

    and agreed, your potato salad *definitely* looks much more appetizing. you're making me hungry, though!! :)

  3. Nice start on the knitting... my first crocheted scarf I ever made was totally wonky, but scarves get all scrunched up around your neck anyways so no one ever noticed. And the more you do it, the more awesome you'll get at it, so keep at it!