Sunday, September 21, 2008


What a perfect, lovely day. A day sent right from heaven, truly ... and this from someone who doesn't even believe in one. Sunny, light breeze, warm temps .... I must say I do truly love the fall in kentucky. it comes on so much more gradually than New England's! It's a shame I'm going to have to get some work done today. But I'll set myself a time limit: two, maybe three hours ... and then I'm going back outside! But I got zero homework done yesterday, even though i did all this :

walked to the library, printed a form there i needed for my financial aid process
sat at the coffeehouse and dithered on the internet three hours (not so good!! but relaxing)
called a friend in need
housecleaned like the dickens for an hour -- three out of four rooms, anyhow
cooked up a delicious eggplant tortellini (pictures to come) -- i also made hummus friday night -- wow!! that easy?! never buying it again!!
knitted a bit
wrote three long letters to friends from home
then .. pretty much did nothing the rest of the night.

sometimes it's tough still getting used to being "okay" with "not doing anything." we are so conditioned to think (especially as women, i fear) that if we're not always "go go go" there is something really wrong. But yesterday I drove nowhere, and spent no money (except spare change on the coffee), and did lots of little things close to home. Isn't that what life should be about? i know the answer: a resounding YES!! but it's incredible to be awakening to just how brainwashed we as a society (at least here in America) really are. how really rushed we've all been for so long, despite the invention of so many things to make our lives "easier." ridiculous!! the revolution continues ....

unfortunately, there'd be those who would have it continue unchecked. look at this misery of an article from a Yahoo! health site this morning. of COURSE the corn refiners would say HFCS is okay in our food! UGH. I suggest reading Michael Pollan's thus-far excellent book on the subject and more about the unecessary junk in our food, The Omnivore's Dilemma. Please. Continue using whole grains and whole foods in your life, and cook the majority of it up from scratch! This trend of laboratory-created food is just ... killing so many. Thank you.

To leave you on a positive note, I wanted to recommend two great books:

A Child's Book of Poems
A Child's Garden of Verses

excellent reading for quiet, television-less nights (which is every night for me!)

love and peace to you all


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