Sunday, September 21, 2008

the weekend.

silly computer, posting my pictures backwards ... this first one was supposed to be me saying "great post, don't ya think?" weeeellllll ... that's life. i'm lucky there's a wireless signal here at home at all ... as i don't pay for one! anyway ...that's me goofing off with the camera earlier tonight ....

i thought the lighting was really cool in my kitchen .. pardon the mess.

thanks for the fair trade decaf coffee, sarah! it went extremely well with the salad, post walk in the park: romaine, tofu (if you freeze it then thaw it it has a more meat-like texture, yum) marinated in sesame ginger dressing (Annie's Naturals), black beans, onion, sesame seeds, a sprinkling of random nuts. Delicious! oh and fresh basil from my basil plant. and olive oil.

beautiful walk through cherokee park here in louisville. ... my camera takes beautiful pictures, and still could not capture just how perfect, absolutely perfect, this day was!

i thought this looked a bit like a clothesline .... don't you?

here's the unfrizziness of my formerly very dry and brittle hair, thanks to just a week or so of apple cider vinegar/water rinses!! (NOT every day) ... actually the rinse stays beneficial for days.

here's normally camera-shy tigger, enjoying the weather.

and a very rare, excellent photo of Loca.

here is the eggplant tortellini recipe from Real Simple magazine, in reverse lol: it was delicious, even though i made mine with green bell peppers instead of red. this will last me through the week!

here's what theirs looks like:

oh. my. god. this hummus is to die for: homemade! chickpeas, garlic (a LOT of garlic), a ton of black pepper, few pinches of sea salt, raw tahini, juice of one lemon, a bunch of olive oil and water for consistency, and ... voila!! it was amazing. had it on a sandwich for lunch today. next recipe to try: Peanut Butter Hummus, from the book Peanut Butter Planet by Robin Robertson. GREAT book if you're a huge PB lover like me.

have a great week, my lovelies!! see you on the flip side. be well.


  1. Hey there,
    Maybe I can help with the Blogger picture posting glitches - it can be really hard to work with. From your posting window, pick the Settings tab, then the Formatting tab. Scroll down and mark Convert Line Breaks "yes" and Enable Float Alignment "no" and save the changes.

    When you're creating a post, you have the option of using either the Compose tab or the Edit HTML tab, and can switch back and forth between them. When a photo is inserted, on the edit side each one looks like a whole string of stuff starting with < a and ending with /a >. You can highlight that whole string, < to > and then click/drag it to where ever you want, right before or after the typed text about it.

    To clean up an old post, delete all those div 's to get rid of the extra blank lines. The settings you changed above stop that from now on. I now prefer to write my whole post from the Edit HTML side. Email me via my blog if you need more help.

  2. Mmm hummus. And high five on the cider vinegar hair use. I've been using only baking soda for at least four months now and really loving the results.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog! I love getting more ideas on how to take things back to basics...