Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few notes

*I am going to disappear for a few days inside The Omnivore's Dilemma. Very engaging and enlightening (in many ways soberly) book. Suggest you read it, too. Giving Anne of Avonlea a break, but I finished Green Gables! Yea! I'll try and keep good on my promise to post at least once a week about the goings-on here in this life of mine ... with pictures coming as often as possible.

*Dad is coming to visit tomorrow night. And it's the last waterfront Wednesday here in Louisville (free music by the water, wonderful always, and there are always friends around). Weather is scheduled to be beautiful, and warm.

*I am currently on a one-month, self-imposed fast from eating anything out anywhere (even a bagel) until Oct. 18. I am nervous about it because my consumer habits still itch me bad sometimes but I know it will be worth it. I make exceptions for tea at the coffeehouse where I have the Internet.

*Speaking of the Internet, I miss it very, very much at home. But I keep telling myself by getting rid of the package with cable I am saving a lot of money. And after all, I can still blog...just at a slightly reduced rate. Still .... this one is hard to see go.

*Am writing the recipe for Rhonda's cranberry/walnut biscuits and eagerly awaiting her post on the teatime tradition. Why DON'T we do it in the States?

*Am sending prayers on my buddhist flag for a very beautiful family very recently affected by tragedy. and for my grandmother, who recently had breast cancer.

*Am planning for my first-ever Christmas without Gifts with friends. Already in the planning stages: a potluck, volunteering, offing one of our very best books on to another. A letter of love and gratitude. Looks like I won't be missing too much after all ... even the frenzy of crafting which I normally so enjoy.

Thanks for listening, thanks for loving, and see you soon

fond regards,


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  1. AGREED on the tea-time thing. I always wished we had a national tradition like that. Even before I started liking tea!! :)