Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i posted this from my blog on myspace because i thought it might help for "giftless christmas" ideas ...

piggybacking on yesterday's post tangent about christmas:

here are some ideas for my friends and i: (tell me what you think, or add your own!!)
we each take a book we really love from our bookshelves, and give it to another of our friends (we could designate swap partners in advance), wrapped prettily for christmas, with a little note about why we love it so much and why we are giving it away. it might be nice to even inscribe the front cover! if you don't have extra christmas wrap lying about, why, i find that paper grocery bags are beautiful and can be embellished with craftishness you already have lurking about.

we all spend a day volunteering somewhere.

we have a potluck dinner with plenty of wine! that lasts long into the night and is just full of talking and laughing and catching up.

we have a crafting night. and maybe tea and tea snacks ...

we write a very heartfelt letter to one person (again partners designated in advance) describing the influence she's had on our life and why we love her, what we hope for her, how she's changed us, etc. We make it beautifully written so we can cherish it forever.

we have a kickass but CHEAP new year's gathering!!

another idea: we all make our own "recipe book" based on 1-2 of everyone's absolute favorite that they've tested and tastes. maybe we can call it, " tests and tastes! a cherished recipe book from friends." even if you made the recipe yourself. who cares, write it down, and then we can all get together to craft our own books that all have the same recipes in it ... we can all cull together craft items we already have (i'll bring a box special in my suitcase) -- i.e. markers, scissors, paper, ribbon trimmings, glue, tape, hole punchers, yada yada -- or maybe we can make each other's.

we should have a fun photoshoot day where we take confident, sexy photos that we can later bind into an album.

clothing swap.

i love you friends ... bestests and oldests of course you know who you are!! life is just not the same without you always here.

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  1. Fun ideas! I particularly like the recipe book/crafting one. And the wine and crafting one! ;) And I'd LOVE to volunteer with all of you, but definitely I think if we do that, it should be at a random time NOT near the holidays. Places like soup kitchens & whatnot get so swamped around Christmastime, you know? People all want to feel good about "giving back" during that season, and they "do their part" for like a day or so (and leave the rest of the year to the regulars...). Maybe we could set a date for next time you are in the CT area and we could all do then, though! I'd love that. :)