Wednesday, September 24, 2008

wednesday in the States.

Today I ate at a restaurant ... but Dad was here on business treating so that doesn't count. I only ate half of what I ordered and feel like a sludge ... and bloated. goes to show you what happens when you get so used to only eating your own food! gosh was yummy food, though. with leftovers for lunch at school tomorrow.

I am fairly upset that even though I was excited to see Dad (he lives 18 hours away!), I had to miss most of the last "waterfront wednesday" which is free music and just hanging out time on a blanket with friends. the weather here has been AMAZING, and tonight there was a glorious sunset behind me the whole time I drove away from it to the restaurant. blah ... so i thought ... maybe i'd be a rebel and go out tomorrow and watch the sun set .... even though it'll be deserted tomorrow night. Was going to attend my first women's meditation session ... but how many more glorious days will there be like this? September is truly a glorious month for weather in Kentucky. I also have a couple of special birthday cards to get made ... so I'll try to do that tomorrow, as well.

Can't believe how quickly this week is passing. So glad. I really needed another weekend, quick. Must be these nesting instincts I've been having now that fall is really coming on ... it's almost (but not quite yet) cool enough to try the bread endeavor. mmmmm homemade bread! i also want to get some loose leaf tea and start making it rhonda's way.

i'm off this thing to knit up my first-ever project ... the green scarf ... because i already have fanciful ideas for new projects. knitters, is this a good sign i'll keep at it? i'm also hankering and hankering to sew clothes ... but I'll try and be patient and work on the knitting bit first. one thing at a time, karen, slow down!

i'd really like a jenny wren doll for christmas ... and a yoga video or two ... and a good knife set. and a printer for my birthday in november. i also want my dad's sewing tips, my grandma's canning tips, and a bunch of bookstore gift cards. also the book Putting Food By. Hope this isn't asking too much. ; ) .... i usually tend to think about christmas way too early so this is nothing new for me. i'm especially excited about it this year, because i've decided to give up on making/buying 90 percent of what i usually make/buy in the interests of saving money and stress. and just enjoy the PEOPLE when i'm home.

peace to you all.



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