Sunday, November 16, 2008

lazy sunday post

It's been a very relaxing weekend so far, after a decent week bolstered by my utmost determination to have it be ALL ABOUT THE KIDS, and nothing else. I am still annoyed at my student loan check being in limbo somewhere rather than in my checking account. But ... it is my birthday on Wednesday, and at the risk of sounding less than humble I will have some extra money to deposit then, thus greatly reducing the risk of overdrawing my checking account for the third month in a row. yessssss................ unfortunately today i wasted SIX DOLLARS on a sandwich at the coffee shop ... but its been a terrific chance to truly read all of your beautiful blogs and see all of your great pictures, so ... i'll have made up for it with the dinner i'm planning tonight: brown rice-stuffed sweet dumpling squash (and breakfast was homemade oats with cinnamon, honey and a tbsp. of chocoloate chips, and 2 tbsp. wheat germ).

friday night was babysitting for four great kids, two of whom knit. pizza and mediterrranean food and popcorn were had. i'll have to remember the camera next time. i spent some time flipping through a great kids' knitting book. i think these are the types of books i'll try to refer to when learning new stitches, etc. so much easier to follow than the "grown up" books! also thank goodness for online tutorials.

saturday was spent in the rain at the farmer's market, where i picked up more beautiful spinach, more apples (though i'm kind of sick of apples by now), two huge sweet potatoes, and a dozen local eggs. all set for another week or two. okay.... then i picked up a new skein of yarn for the seed stitch scarf i'm making for my cousin for christmas (pics to come), and acquired two AWESOME new books ... free, courtesy of my gift card from last year's teacher appreciation lunch, from my local independent bookshop (from Wendell Berry and National Geographic, see picture below). i attended a Prop 8 rally (let's say an AGAINST Prop 8 rally) downtown thanks to seeing a flyer in the neighboring coffee shop while waiting for the LYS to open ... it was freezing and drizzly but a couple hundred people showed up nonetheless, all chanting their support. rather than people getting mad and arrested, as happens in some major cities, this was a typical louisvillian affair: coffee donated by the coffeeshop i'm in right now actually (and coincidentally i babysit for one owners' kids ... the same knitters i just mentioned...they go to my school) .... and people just having rather dull (sorry but true) chants and friendly chatter (interrupted by yelling when people drove by, honking their horns in support). got home, knitted and read more from Anne of Avonlea, napped, and made dinner: two Morningstar farms tomato basil and pizza burgers topped with fresh jalapeno slices and a can of diced organic tomatoes (don't buy these burgers, they contain TBHQ ... i just had them and didn't want them to go to waste, plus i was seriously craving pizza type food). i went to bed by 11 ... exhausted but able to wake up at 8 a.m.

sunday: woke early, did a few chores, spent a half hour on my yoga video, ate breakfast, walked a mile to the local bookshop to get some birthday cards i must send out tomorrow, then walked three or four steps back where i've been the last almost three hours, reading blogs. my lower back was killing me today, but sitting with correct posture a while and wearing sneakers while walking has seemed to help. not sure what's going on, but part of me thinks me laying and sitting all convuluted while knitting/reading for hours is at fault. that, and not enough yoga. i'll monitor but don't think it's serious. the rest of today i'll cook, do some homework, watch a way-overdue library documentary on 1968, knit, fill out birthday cards ... and get to bed early to jumpstart the week.

monday night: hit the library after child care to return way overdue stuff and check out more stuff that will likely be overdue in turn, lol

wednesday's my 29th birthday. i'm going to see if i can switch my normal after school child care hours to tuesday. i'll open cards, and maybe take myself out for sushi (hopefully a friend can join!!). i also have a card for free dessert from the local dessert cafe. yum. i just want it to be a relaxing, feel-special sort of day.

thursday: knitting club with angie and kathy and one of the other moms from the school

friday: ??????????????????????????????????????

if the loan check comes this week, i'd like to start christmas shopping for the family by the weekend. nothing extravagant, but i'm going home early this year so i want to get this stuff done early. i can't wait to be paid this month ... i'm finally going to purchase my bus ticket to New England!!

without further ado, here's my "recently" pictures:

gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. sadly, blogger seems to be having some issues and i can't upload right now. ... check back in a few days. sorry for this, loves. here are just a few:

third time's a charm!! added cinnamon and cloves to the top this time. YUM!! that's my christmas list to my parents next door. they still ask me for one, every year.


demonstrating for equal rights ... NOW.

here i am, sideways and wet but happy ...

catch y'all soon!!


  1. What a beautiful loaf of bread - almost too pretty to eat. When my lower back is hurting, doing some kind of ab strengthening exercises helps (Pilates, crunches, or yoga dynamic cleansing breathing). Happy birthday!

  2. i agree with Sadge.. what a lovely loaf of bread! i got your marvellous - and lovely - letter (that i see pictured next to the bread i read about!) thank you so much!!

    i wish we had an Anti-Prop 8 rally here, even if i've had my hands full. how draconian that is! i'm really glad you (and louisville) turned out for the cause.

    i am so happy you have a special day carved out for yourself wed! you deserve those necessary little special extras. it definitely makes it more fun to save your cards and your gifts for *that* day. i hope you can get out of childcare!!

    i wish i could start xmas stuff early, but i won't even be done with finals until dec 6. so i may still have some xmas errands - sigh - to do when you get back in town. honestly it's ok if you're not finished either. it's an expected busy time of the year. but i will be reserving lots & lots of time.. for you!