Monday, November 24, 2008

The things I'm grateful for

it's that time of year again ... to reflect, give thanks, and look inward to see what the future can bring.

MYSELF ... i've been incredible to myself as i've grown. thank goodness i've always taken care of me pretty much the best i could (except in those few wild party girl days ... lol ... but even then i always kept a future perspective)

my parents

my AWESOME best friends from home

great network of friends and community here in Kentucky

every blog i link to, for all you've helped teach me about simple living

the public library

public radio

fireplaces (though i have yet to use mine!)

goose down comforter with flannel duvet

henna (this is a new venture, maybe i shouldn't be grateful just yet ... lol)

hot baths: especially with bubbles, lavendar and rosemary salts, and a big shower cap for the hair!

three cats i call Buca, Loca, and Tigger

being invited to a happy go lucky family gathering of vegetarians (though turkey will make an appearance for the meat eaters, lol) only a mile from my home (the fair trade coffee shop owners i babysit for)

being invited to two more dinners i can't go to b/c of the above

my local yarn shop

being able to knit (thanks, Angie!)

PRESIDENT-elect Barack Obama

the sewing machine i'm getting FREE (thanks again, angie)

my student loan check, and the GREAT plan i have to pay off all my consumer debt (leaving only school debt) within a couple of MONTHS ... yes, the loan check is finally on its way to me!!! this opens up the door for things like: yoga membership, swimming and Y times, a little facelift to my apartment (paint, used couches) to make it more guest-friendly for potlucks, get-togethers, what have you. and, of course ... a little bit of savings built up.

an opportunity to start my own home-party candle business ONLY to save up cash for a large down payment on ... my first home!! (hopefully a few years out from now)

the mind to donate to those less fortunate

my thirties, and a trip through happy sanity ; ) (and hopefully the happy insanity of kids .. .though ... i know ... be careful what you wish for!! lol)

.............. so ... there's my list, in a nutshell. my birthday was amazing. FIVE great friends wound up joining me for the most wonderful sushi dinner, and i got some great little gifts. unfortunately my old digital camera has been acting up so pictures are on hold. .. a bit.

heading into the weekend, everything was looking great, but then on saturday i got sick (from both ends, as they say) while babysitting of all things. just stuff that's passed around school and i'd already had a touch of. spent the next two days recovering, drinking HFCS-cursed Gatorade and eating applesauce and carrot/ginger soup from Trader Joe's. and sleeping hours and hours. by today i was mostly alright and figured if i could be okay to bake and cook sunday (mmmm....homemade bread with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, and an inspired Indian lentil dal) i could make it to school on monday if i took it easy. good thing ... there was watermelon for snack! i was sad to miss the school's annual performance, though.

here's how i made the dal:

1 cup dried green lentils, boiled in 3 cups water and then simmered for one hour till of a pureed, souplike consistency. then i stirred in massive amounts of ground ginger, and a tiny bit of turmeric and cayenne pepper. And some chopped green beans from last week's farmers market (darn my sick self for missing this week's one, thank goodness i had plenty of leftovers!) stir-fried in vegan butter and curry powder. Enjoyed over brown rice. YUMMMYLICIOUS!!!

I'm thinking of doing a cake from scratch to bring to Thanksgiving dinner rather than the old standby bottle of wine. will keep you posted if that's what i decide to do. haven't done it in ages, think it could be fun!

well ... that's about all for me. hope you all are well and have a great thanksgiving. i have a busy just over two weeks ahead of me, starting a very small amount of christmas shopping (FINALLY, i was getting worried!), babysitting, cleaning the house and filling it with cat supplies for my housesitter (yes someone will actually live with the cats this time i'm gone! a good friend.), sending unwrapped supplies ahead of me to new england, paying bills, a friend's housewarming party, a haircut, getting donations out... etc. etc. i'm sure it's much the same for all of you. just remember to also take the time for yourself: to breathe. knit. bake. read.

namaste. (i'm off to make homemade horseradish hummus, which i'm positively craving!)

peace to you all,



  1. Just popping in to say Happy Thanksgiving ~ wonderful list!

  2. I should do one of these lists!

    Is the photo of your apartment? it's adorable! I would love a cute place like that to myself..and some cats of course!

  3. no ... it's actually of a coffeeshop here in louisville ky. love it. .. they serve only organic and vegetarian stuff .... and fair-trade, organic coffee!! yaya! i also am part of a tiny knitting group there once a week. i do have some of my apartment in my older posts. look back!

  4. what a great list karen! cheers to having a little $$$ for a yoga membership. that is the only thing that i miss spending money on... and i miss it in a big way. home practice is good, but i miss the kind of inspiration i get from my teachers. happy thanksgiving to you! peace