Thursday, January 15, 2009

quick one

just a quick post to let you know i've arrived home safely despite the weather (NASTY cold snap here now!) ... unfortunately, i'm already headed back out, though this time West not East for a midwinter seminar related to my montessori training. i'm not happy about it but i'll try to make the best and pay for nothing beyond hotel, gas, and basic food needs. i have little to no money until my paycheck and next student loan installment. that's where i'm going to seriously kickstart my new, debt-free (aside from the student loans, but that's ok) life. by not accumulating new debt, except in emergencies. we'll see how it goes. it is NOT easy transitioning to "the simple life" but i try. it's not the motivation that rhonda recently talked about that i need, it's the ACTION. the actual DOING of what's inspired me. sometimes i think i sit on my butt too much. meaning, i dream and dream but when it comes to actual doing i get lazy. again, i think it's just training yourself to think and LIVE, REALLY LIVE, inside a new paradigm.

i will post more when life settles here a bit more. i'll be back in louisville for four whole months before going back to missouri for my 8 weeks of summer training. BLAHHH. i console myself with the fact that the next summer's only a month. ditto the fourth summer. and then ... maybe a real trip! ; )

i'm pretty tired. gonna go home and pack.

peace and happy weekend. catch you later,


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