Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sandwiches and phones.

two notes before I forget, someone on Rhonda's blog was lamenting that she still used plastic wrap for her kids' lunches. Not anymore, dear. I advise all of you, even those who just want to be "greener" with their own lunch, to visit this link. Also, Klean Kanteen makes great reusable drink bottles for adults and children, alike.

Second note: I'm super annoyed that I apparently have to wait until the end of August to switch my cell phone provider. If I bow out early, I'll be charged $175. I'm so glad the provider I'm switching to is a no-contract plan. And I'll be saving at least $30/month.

That's all for now. Oh, and one last thing ... can anyone provide me with good links/reading resources for homeschooling children? I'd like to learn more ... but ... oh, please don't take offense here, as I know this applies to some of my dear blog friends ... but I'm not looking to learn about homeschooling with a religious bent. More like ... from the bent of progressive nature-oriented (but non-religious, spiritual is ok) homeschool-minded folk. thanks in advance, and again did NOT mean to offend anyone. Just trying to get some information, is all. thanks a million!

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  1. I think there is a Waldorf homeschooling movement you could check it out?