Monday, March 30, 2009

A vacation, working

I have updates and pictures, I just didn't feel much like writing today ... but I did a bunch of cooking and baking! A rainy, cold day, slightly introspective, and filled with sweet visits and a sweet visitor. very nice. This week I'm off from school, and will be filling most of my time with a very raw, honest attempt at making beautiful results from my homework assignment. Please send your positive thoughts my way ... I've already absolutely plundered two whole perfectly good weekends, meaning hours and hours of homework that could have been accomplished wasn't even attempted ... on the plus side, I've been able to do more things with friends and have relaxed more out of that feeling-out-of-order-speeded-up phase that I was in. Now I must get out of this work cloud ... it's not the doing that I'm dreading, it's the starting! so please ... send positive energy my way!

We'll catch up soon ... be well!



p.s. I'll announce the winner of my book soon!

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  1. it's the starting that gets me, too. i'll sometimes find every useful "organizing" task to do, or other business to take care of because the starting can be so hard! i think it can be so hard because we do put a lot of focus into something when we set our heart on it. as with everything.

    but yet i think it's necessary to reorient yourself awhile and suit your surroundings towards concentration, so you are under the least amount of pressure. it seems like it's naturally going to happen this week! you have a nice whole week to do it during your normal work hours, at your leisurely pace, rather than try to cram it into your actual "leisure" time. you need downtime too. we can't just work all week w/o break. and it'll flow so naturally once you get momentum!! =)

    i can't wait to see the beginnings of your classroom!

    love & best wishes,