Tuesday, March 24, 2009

happy 100th post to me!

: )

on that note, help! i want to make a very light, good-tasting-cold grain/veg/nut? salad this weekend for next week's lunches, etc. i don't want to use beans because i'm already making a warm lentil dish ... i suppose tofu, fruit, nuts, etc. would be okay. i'm a vegetarian (trying for vegan, but often failing miserably) and eat only whole, unprocessed food.

thanks in advance for your lovely help!


karen : )


  1. Hmm...perhaps this?


    It sounds yummy. (Sans the bacon, of COURSE!!!)



  2. yummy-sounding salad arianna posted!

    the only one i eat consistently is tabouli, because i love it so. it's fortunately very flexible, too. you could use bulghur, cous cous, i've even made it for FNB once with rice. just add fresh parsley, lemon, could do cherry tomatoes, cukes, or zuchinni even. i often like it with chick peas, but i know you weren't looking for a legume. ;)

    happy 100th! wow!

  3. Congratulations on your 100th!

    I was going to suggest tabouli too. I love it and as Sarah said, it's very versatile.

  4. Tabouli is fabulous. So is a salad of greens, walnuts (or another nut), apple, raisins with warm grain bread on the side. Or hummus with pita?

    Happy 100th!

  5. Thanks for the comments, ladies. it looks like tabouli will be my next salad.