Monday, March 23, 2009

Giveaway, flock here!

in the interest of receiving more good karmic energy into my life, i've decided to have another giveaway (though the last one hasn't gone out yet pending completion of other lovely surprises, apologies Bonnie)! yes, it's true that I went out with a gift card over the weekend and bought the Vegan with a Vengeance cookbook ... completely forgetting, in my old age of almost 30 ;P .... that i'd just bid on that book on eBay ... turns out i won ... so rather than return it i'd rather be $10 out and pass it along to one of you, dear readers. just keep in mind there's a slow turnaround time here to get sweet little packages out ...

... if you'd like to win the book, which is a funny, smart-tongued, vegan recipes book (not ONE salad recipe, woo hoo) ... leave a comment on my page with some inspiring thoughts/words from yourself .... i'll close the comments in a couple days whenever i feel like it, haha ...

hope your monday flew by ... mine went nicely, i must say. must be that sleep ....




  1. Oooh I'd love to win this!

    Something inspirational? Hmm...

    "Forgive yourself and move on". It is what I work on a great deal because I often don't feel good enough or feel like I haven't done enough. Now I pray, seek forgivness and move on. It helps me keep on track with money, healthy eating, friendships because I am letting go of the burden!

  2. It's ok, no rush. I just feel lucky to have won. I won't enter again because I don't want to be greedy, but it is a very nice price. I will be having another contest on my blog soon, and I'll give you the heads up when I post about it.

  3. oh bonnie don't be so humble, darling. you are a joy to be friends with and not greedy at all! ; )

    frugal trenches, funny, that's what i've been trying to do lately, too ... be gentle with, and forgive myself. we have different belief systems, but isn't it something how we come to the same place? i love how life is cyclical like that. yeah, the book is great - especially the dessert section! i'll add you in to the pull. back to what you said, it's always nice to know that someone else is going just through what you are, and struggling with the same, for lack of better word, demons (though now that i think about it, i prefer yoga words, knots or formations). it makes it easier to forgive in a nonforgiving, perfectionist, stressed moment (luckily those are getting fewer with my newly dedicated spiritual/physical practice) when you realize yourself as ... well. .. .just human, like everyone else. when you can do that, sometimes you can even find you're able to laugh at yourself. and that's very healthy, to find that lightheartedness inside! thanks for the great comment. i love reading about your own journey. hope you're feeling better.

  4. that's really kind of you; by the way i love the Post Punk Kitchen which the book arises from. :)

    i really hope the book will go to someone looking to adopt a healthier, more sustainable, and more ethical lifestyle! let the winner be inspired by the possibilities of plant foods!

  5. Okay, I don't know if I should truly be entered or not, although I do covet the book... :)

    Well, here's a quote I like, anyway!

    "Begin to free yourself at once by doing all that is possible with the means you have, and as you proceed in this spirit the way will open for you to do more"
    --Robert Collier

    xoxoxoxo love you!!