Monday, April 6, 2009

i can compost! i can compost!

I have a "secret* new place to dump compost now!! I am so over the moon about it!! Just a short walk down my street, take a left, up a dirt alley to the right and down another dirt alley to the left and ... bada bing!! compost pile, straw, tools. i'm also free to take whatever soil from it i may need for gardening, when i get that opportunity.

i'll post photos of said place, too. now to think how to store the rotting scraps in my apartment ... oh, i'm so excited!!!

now, if only i could move into a two-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors and large sunny windows and some outdoor access for gardening ... well, that may happen within the next one two two years, as well.

one step at a time.

i'm off to marinate some tofu, heather-style: tamari, garlic, olive oil, maple syrup. and read the last quarter of Three Cups of Tea. What a GREAT, inspiring book. The Central Asia Institute is now on my donations list!! I love you, Greg Mortenson.

Happy week, everyone. It's back to work for me. Hopefully near-daily yoga will get me through it peacefully.



this week's baking/cooking plans: vegetable stew, homemade veg sausage/mushroom pasta sauce, 2 loaves of bread, carrot/cashew spread. we'll see if i get it all. i have to make something for a community potluck saturday, as well. hm.........


  1. That's such an excellent resource for your community to have! Your community does *indeed* sound so oriented towards sustainability, and that is wonderful! But how uncanny is this? ---> I just came back from meeting with the Green entrepreneur about.. you guessed it.. compost! (And all of his other practices to make his industry, tree care, to be both efficient and sustainable.) He was so incredibly inspiring and ground-up in his approach to building his dream. He said he'll keep me in mind for future opportunities. I think we had a natural connection. =)

    I'm glad you've found happy connections in your path towards your personal goals, too. inspiring reads, fortuitous finds..

    Your tofu marinade sounds wonderful, and so does your vegan sausage / mushroom pasta sauce; you should post the recipe! I don't eat mushrooms nearly enough.. Enjoy your potluck, and the rest of the week! <3

  2. Congrats on finding a place to compost! I was so happy when we moved to VT and finally had a little bit of land to keep a compost pile. It makes a big difference. Urban and suburban areas should really try to set up compost pick ups. I heard about this happening in Seattle, I think.

  3. That is simply wonderful!