Saturday, April 4, 2009

love, an antidote to violence ... if it's actually practiced.

I just wanted to pop in quick after hearing about yet another devastating gun violence story out of NY, the very city where one of my ex-boyfriends had an internship not too long ago. This is just the latest in yet another string of devastating, random, senseless gun violence in this country. I'm so tired of it. And I could get all on my soapbox about needing to modify the constitution's gun clause, etc. But I won't. Because it won't solve the root of the problem, and that root is not so much the guns, it's the missing love from people's lives. At the risk of sounding "all new age and hippie," I'm pleading with all of you to please do something kind for someone else. Not today, not tomorrow, but EVERY day in your life, you can find even a tiny opportunity to help someone have a better day, something as simple as saying "can i help you with that?" when you see someone drop something, or struggling, or even just a pleasant "thank you" while looking into your barista or waitress' eyes. Those people aren't peons; they are mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, fathers, uncles, someone's best friend. Tomorrow, I will show kindness by holding in my heart two intentions during yoga class: one for a young teenage boy who desperately needs a heart transplant, and another for healing for all those who feel useless, hopeless, loveless. The energies around us are powerful. But actions are more so. I'd like this to become an ideas post for tiny things we could do for someone else ... that just might save a life, and the lives of countless others. Please help. Read this, take an idea if you can't think of one, and for god's sake act on it. We need massive change, especially in these times of upheaval and distress for many.

Thank you and peace,


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  1. lovely way to dedicate this blog posting, and your yoga practice.

    though i am very sorry to see the violent thread continue; though violence always increases as economics plummet.. as leaders justify it in wars.. as our society uses the word "hate" with all too much ease. it's a big structural mess and thank you for reminding us to *do our part* to turn it on it's head with everyday intention.