Wednesday, May 13, 2009

almost there ...

Hi, everyone.

Boy, do I miss reading and posting on here. My computer is taking a little longer at the shop than was originally planned .... but so far they've removed - 66!! -- infections and are just figuring out why the keyboard and mouse won't work (hm ... too much cat hair/snack crumbs?? lol) hopefully this blog will be up and running again in no time.

in the meantime, my best friend from connecticut is coming to visit me for a week on saturday!! and i found a subletter for my apartment this summer. I've made pumpkin lasagne and orzo salad with veggies and feta. the last day of school is friday, and i'm looking forward to a fresh start in a new classroom come late august. that's about it on this end ... i miss all of you whom i link to and hope you're well!!

stay tuned ... more blog from me coming again soon!!


karen <3


  1. miss you!!! enjoy your visit with your friend. ;)

  2. Hope you get your computer working soon - I miss hearing from you more frequently. Have a great time with your friend.