Tuesday, May 26, 2009

still on the mend ...

Hello, all!

well, small update on the computer woes: the viruses had worked their way into my operating system, so i had to order a disk from Dell which i'll pick up at UPS here thursday (a week after it was actually attempted to be delivered to me, don't ask why the truck doesn't leave stuff for me) and bring over to best buy. hopefully, once the operating system is reinstalled, all will be well.

you have no idea how much i've missed all of you, both reading your blogs and posting my own! you bet i'll have tons of recent pictures to share when i'm back here! thanks very much to heather and libby for your sweet comments. i don't want to be forgotten on here, this community is such a source of strength and healing and i've missed it so!

love to you all, and hopefully to post again soon from my old computer!!



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