Thursday, May 28, 2009

until tomorrow!!

Hello, dear readers!

I have spent about the last three hours combing through all of your beautiful blogs, and was going to post myself ... but alas, after attempting to download over 900 photos i've stored up (!!), the camera died and what is a good long catch-up post without good blogging photos, anyhow?

If you haven't guessed it by now, I have gotten my computer back from the shop. Hopefully the problems it had are completely gone. Tomorrow I'll try to get my antivirus program back up and running. I'm going to be very careful this time around, though I know this stuff is not always preventable, despite best intentions.

I think I need some quiet time to sit and write some notes that have been dancing/tiptoeing/marching through my head at times in recent weeks. A kind of collective, gathering-of-thoughts and putting forth of energies before putting them down here, and before fleeing the city I love for my second summer-of-montessori-training in st. louis. I also may turn on my yoga video for some quiet, meditative inspiration. I haven't had much "rest" time during this spring season, not nearly as much as I would have liked. But according to some dear friends who are well-versed in astrological phenomena, this is a time of great transformation/upheaval/new beginnings for most people. I've certainly felt lately that my runnings-around/goings on in life have been reflective of this solar/planetary movement (at the risk of sounding too new-agey, which of course i am anyway). It shall be a very good fall/winter indeed, having already made my home about 98 percent just how i want it. I want to really "settle down" into it. Reading, knitting, maybe sewing!, having people over for soup and conversations. But that will likely be a part of tomorrow's post-to-come ... so, stay tuned.

for tonight, simply planned is making a cold bean/corn salad for a friend's potluck (a going-away party for someone i know but not well), maybe phoning a good friend for a bit, and turning on that yoga video for some quiet moments that i need.

glad to see that you all are busy in your own way, but still taking time to remember just how to want to truly live ... and then just *doing* it. you are amazing people, and a constant source of inspiration. i will persevere, as well.

love and light and peace,


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  1. I just wandered in here via bread+ honey-- so glad I did! I absolutely love that RLS quote. There's a (strangely) similar one that I like to read from time to time:
    "The most precious things in life are near at hand, without money and without price. Each of you has the whole wealth of the universe at your very door. All that I ever had, and still have, may be yours by stretching forth your hand and taking it." ~John Burroughs

    Sweetfern Handmade