Friday, June 5, 2009

here's a little photographic sampling of what my eyes have seen lately ....

(above: recent farmer's market flowers that i was arranging to put around my place)

below: at Thunder over Louisville in April ... biggest annual fireworks display/airshow in the country. i spent the day happily reading, knitting, and snacking on homemade goodness while keeping an eye on the entertainment.

here is some of what i was able to see:

front porch of friend's log cabin in lexington, where i stayed to do some classroom observation recently. great place for reading.

canada geese, making a hullaballoo on his garage at sunset.

another gorgeous kentucky sunset.

lexington is really, really pretty.

flowers, Foxhollow biodynamic farm. May.

this little skink showed up on my kitchen windowsill one morning. i was so flattered!

Zen Tea House in my neighborhood, where I can spend way too much time and money eating vegan cupcakes and drinking amazing organic tea if i'm not careful.

neighborhood friend maya's vintage laundry.

recent thrift finds (actually got three of the cups):

my homemade, vegan version of "philly steak and cheese" ... that's just what it tastes like! a ton of fresh grated ginger makes the dish.

new grater, i'm grating everything these days! also, notice how my former lifelong aversion to carrots is slowly changing ...

it just ain't spring without farmer's market local asparagus! (and i am FINALLY nearly done with that awesome book....)

i'm glad to be able to upload pictures again, apparently. i think perhaps the problem was that my new file had something like 900 photos on it that i'd stored up during the time i didn't have my computer. so it opens the photos very very slowly, each time. end result? i have many more recent photos to share ... so stay tuned for more pictorials in the coming days. slowly, my life will become brighter to you again ... for which i'm much-relieved, too!

be well, friends.



  1. I am very impressed... you knew that the lizard was a Skink!

  2. well ... not so much. a friend told me what it was. i'm just amazed he made it up to the second story window!

  3. Beautiful pics!