Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello, dear friends of mine.

Thought I'd take a little window of opportunity to post a few more pictures from the dearth I collected when my Dell was on the fritz. My second summer of Montessori training has started up here in earnest, and I'm newly re-engaged and inspired by the brilliant figure of Maria Montessori (though she, of course, would defer to her child teachers). Not homesick yet ... but that's because I have an excellent living situation and the workload hasn't gotten overwhelming to date. I'm able to cook at any time, and have been eating healthfully, with an emphasis on simple, vegan meals. I will have done yoga three times at least this week when Sunday's over. I have changed how I look at things, and this time, my focus is on the *self* -- as everything follows from there. Health and contentedness first. Hope that you all are well in your own corners of the world. Know that you are continual inspirations. This is the first day I've spent money since Monday, when I bought a $1.66 cup of tea and ate my own lunch while others brought it. It felt good to go four days without spending, and even on lunch today I only spent $6. drinking my own water bottle, and using my own cloth napkin. It feels lovely.

Tonight there's a dinner gathering (I'm going to just enjoy a beer, perhaps), and then I'm hoping to just do some quiet knitting and inner reflecting. tomorrow: big farmer's market!

I send my love.

last day of school


recently brought this to a dear friend's house for dinner. that basket is what i carry my lunch in to school.

friends' living room, minus the television (but of course!):

spent the day with these friends working on a biodynamic farm. i love rudolph steiner as farmer.

my *best* friend came to town!

i made some new friends:

took time to smell the flowers

and watch the sun set.

and, of course ... the saturday farmer's market!!


recent flea market/yard sale finds ...

fabric for the sewing that will hopefully go on this winter chez moi:


ahhh, simplicity ....

"What we need is a world full of miracles." ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

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