Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just a little one today

Hi, lovely readers.

Just wanted to pop my head in and say that I've decided on two big goals for the coming months: to get a compost started and to learn about how to make a very small cold frame raised bed and maybe grow some greens next spring! I really don't have a ton of space around my apartment building, but I could at least make these two things work. So I'm hoping to do a lot of reading and note-taking and hope that I can stick with it. Anything to keep me out of shopping at the Goodwill, which ironically has become my favorite pasttime lately. I must say, though, that despite the absolute plethora of them here in St. Louis, I have only been in to one (actually it was a Salvation Army) and when I recognized the familiar "shopper's anxiety" symptoms (feeling the sick need to "buy it all") .. I went up to the front, paid $4 for whatever it was I "needed," and left. Immediately felt better once that pull on me was gone. See, consumerism is nasty, even as you're downshifting .... so it was afterward that I started to have this little light bulb moment, like, here are some home projects you can fill your time with instead, and that are manageable/likely to be successful if you keep them small ..... so they are herewith added to my list.

In other sort-of exciting news, I met the makers of this little soap and fiber, etc. venture today at the farmer's market here and may try and see if i can help to distribute some of their products in Louisville. A nice part-time thing, perhaps ... their soap smells divine!

The training here is still going well and I'm carving out a good amount of time for walks, yoga video, and cooking. These are the things that sustain me, especially away from home, so I'm trying to keep them as key as getting my homework done. And speaking of that ... I'd better get back to it!!

Love and peace,


p.s. Michael you will live forever in the hearts of all those who you touched with your talent and music. Just had to add that little eulogy. I can't believe he's gone. I always said, when Madonna and Michael go, it'd be like one of the Beatles going ... really.

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