Saturday, August 29, 2009


last week's haul at the farmer's market

.... i'm not sure i'm having the gusto for a full-fledged post right now. i'm fine ... just that my energies are out of place due to some minor stresses, school just starting up, and getting used to a new sleeping schedule (with the past two nights not having been good ones for sleep, 'cause i stayed up too late) ... etc.

anyway, here is some of the beauty i've seen around me lately. due to some unfore...thought financial stress, i'm not going to be able to continue with my regular yoga routine for another month. i have GOT to at least do some sun salutations. At least I'm walking nearly every day. also, my food won't be too exciting the next couple weeks ... sandwiches, fruit, hummus, enchiladas, soup ... mostly.

i plan to spend tomorrow, the beginning of my week, entirely home-based. I've run my errands and cleaned most of my apartment and done all my running around ... I'm really looking forward to some knitting, a book, a small amount of cooking ... and not much else.

maybe i'm also a trifle sad because summer is winding down, and i'd hardly the time to enjoy it due to school. i feel like i have so many obligations hanging over my head. ah, well. like a wind, this stagnant energy, too, shall pass. just have to soldier through it and do what you can, where you are.

here are the pictures.

contemplating popcorn for dinner on fridays: (i had that *same* popper when i was a kid!)

local eggs with nutritional yeast

pretty card from my best friend ... i love getting that kind of mail.

flowers make the apartment bright and lift my mood

cooking is truly a meditation for me.

every now and then, completely reorganizing (and throwing more STUFF away in the process) does it, too ...

homecooked (mostly local) food is good for body, mind, and soul. especially frugal trenches' kitchen sink soup! you are amazing FT!

gotta freeze some reminders of local summer for the months to come:

helping out for a GREAT group at the state fair.

some of the better sights of the fair (i couldn't find my favorite, the horses, leaving early with a little backache)

my neighborhood compost pile

we call this waterfront wednesday ... .free concert on the Ohio River on the last Wednesday of every month. I try and bring a picnic dinner and hope to run into some friends each time. This is one of the best things about Louisville, Kentucky.

my first attempt at homemade peach pie went okay ... not the prettiest pie around but it tastes pretty yummy. ... could have cooked it a bit longer, though, i think ... still, looks like my pie-making has promise!

school has started ... many new souls to love. here they are scrubbing the dirt off after a good play.

i ate a huge bowl of popcorn with olive oil and sea salt last night for dinner, but then i totally wasn't full and hours later found myself gorging at a local diner (i won't tell you that story of how i wound up there, it's too personal), eggs and cheese and fried tator tot things. probably cafo eggs, too. oy .... : ( what's your secret to this thing, Heather?

a friday night walk in my neighborhood. the bubble bus has arrived!

today's haul from the farmer's market, including the gorgeous colored zinnias from my amazing farmer-friend, Nick. Thanks, lovely friend.

I'll end with these gorgeous blackberries I'm freezing for smoothies, my breakfast m.o. -- make the night before with orange juice, honey, ground flax, fruit of choice, and orange juice. awesome and filling till almost lunch. thank goodness we get snack at my job, lol.

yes, the picture persisted in uploading this way even though it wasn't shot this way. ah, as you are, then.

be well. i'm babysitting tonight, spending sometime reclaiming slow time with two siblings under six, then reclaiming another sunday tomorrow: knitting, reading .. a park picnic under a shady tree?

revel in life. revel in every precious minute that you're given. in breath, out breath. just .... BE. who you can, where you are.




  1. hi karen, great post...i just had to comment and say that i too find cooking very meditative...i don't think i'd survive without it. well besides the obvious need to eat, but mentally and spiritually i mean. cheers to the good life. josh

  2. Lovely photos!!

    It's such a treat to see your photographic journey through all of those things that settle your energies and provide some internal calm. Not even just calm, but the lifestyle you've begun to live into. What you've done with your living space (paring down / letting the light through unused corners) looks incredible!

    And I am SO touched by the card I've sent, on display. <3

  3. Absolutely lovely post!

    "cooking is truly a meditation for me" - AMEN!

  4. I have got to tell you that your pie is absolutely adorable....don't bother with the looks....all that matters in the end is tha flavor...the taste. Congratulations on your first try !
    Love the flower and the card !