Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Tuesday was okay.

Just wanted to share with you the delicious salad I made, post-yoga, tonight (am eating it now, in fact!). I've been craving a simple salad lately ... this satisfied it, for now.

local chard
local sorrel (tried it? very intense citrusy flavor ... delicious!)
california organic carrot, one, grated
shake of black pepper
sprinkling of flaxseed
one large handful walnuts
1 tbsp organic EV olive oil
couple light shakes of organic balsamic vinegar
2 tbsp raisin sauce (this is another gem from the kripalu cookbook; basically you soak raisins in water for a few days and then blend till smooth in a blender or FP)

elemental. back to the basics. feeding the whole of body, mind, and spirit. raw.

now, if only i had some hot ginger tea around here .... supposed to be 53 degrees tonight. oh, well. Will pick some up this weekend.

Weekend plans, aside from the art festival and much knitting of scarf and dishcloths, include the making and freezing and possible gifting of one of summer's great treasures before it's too late: basil-walnut-spinach pesto. Must buy small jars and label stickers. A worthy investment. Best thing: the basil is free, the kids have grown it at school!

Paid for the yoga retreat today. I'm going!

Teaching kids to knit, then getting re-inspired yourself: priceless.

A sewing class is on deck. I've put the wheels in motion.

Look for a post on my new financial plans, soon.


We must become receptive to find that peace which we seek.

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