Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Simple Sunday.

:: Loca in a patch of morning sunlight

::last waterfront wednesday music festival of the season : (

Although I'm sitting here thinking about how much better I'll feel once my apartment is vacuumed and tidied, I must say that this weekend is going nicely. I'm trying to have a reclaimed "simple sunday" as frugal trenches does. she's really on to something. I've done this for several weeks now, spending 90 percent (or all) of my day at home, not doing anything too taxing, cooking, knitting, reading, hanging out with my cats. In fact, this morning I woke, washed dishes, swept the floor, cleaned cat litter, threw away some old stuff in the fridge, and made coffee.

There is a community yoga class at noon today at my studio, but I think I'm going to save the yoga for tomorrow morning, and spend the day here slowing my mind, and of course ... cooking! Stuffed squash of some sort that I haven't decided upon yet (shall scour Internet for recipes) and pesto to freeze in small half-pint jars. Apparently I missed the last spinach of the season at the farmer's market by a week or two. Oh, well. Shows you what growing knowledge I have ... lol. I was told I could use chard, so I bought a bunch from the usual stand, but ... well, I have my doubts. My other ingredients are parmesan, basil grown at the school where I work, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and walnuts.

We are lucky in Louisville to have a large handful of responsible local bakeries. Yesterday I enjoyed a cherry danish and a date-walnut scone ... must do baking again. I'm having problems when I bake bread. It never stays soft enough and is no fun to eat after just a day, so I'm going to give a gluten-free recipe a try (figure that's better for me, anyway, no? less sludge.) ... those who have used it swear by the taste and soft texture of the loaf. I'll let you know how that works out.

Oh, I have a question. Can anyone answer it? How do you store a block of cheese when you take it out of the plastic it comes in in the store?

So ... what else? Well, yesterday was the much-anticipated annual St. James Court art fair. Many Christmas presents purchased -- some from local artisans (potters, crafters, painters, etc.), some from other independent artists from around the country. Junk food had: portobello mushroom sandwich with field greens and gorgonzola, and french fries. cool, breezy weather and sunshine enjoyed.

:: painted by local schoolchildren to benefit a local children's hospital. of course i bought one!

:: now that's what I'm talking about!!

and ....

:: note art fair tents on "street" (not an actual road..there's a green and sidewalk in between the two rows of houses)

i fell in love. with THIS. let's say: pedestrian-only street of historic homes. screened-in front porch with adjacent outdoor patio. hardwood floors. working fireplace. built-in bookshelf in living room. radiator heat! tiny back porch. sewing room. dining room. space for growing veggies and plants. backyard patio. washer and dryer in the basement. sure it doesn't have a parking space ... but that's a detail. i have an appointment to see it tomorrow (i am off from school for the next two days).

:: note ceiling fan inside porch ... and to the right of porch is the entryway to the apt, which opens into a tiny cube of hallway space and what looks like -- french doors! -- that go into the rest of the apartment. To the right of the entry door is a window from the living room that looks out onto the "street" ...

:: note the for rent sign. the deck is not mine, i'd be on the first floor.

it's funny, i've been considering when to move into a bigger place for some time now, and keep saying wait, wait for "the one." i'm pretty sure this is the one (will know for definite tomorrow). it's in a neighborhood i never would have expected it to be in, a neighborhood that doesn't have nearly as much as my current one in the name of restaurants, little shops, etc. But it's still a 10-15 minute drive to it. And less than a mile more to work. You know when you just have that "go with it no matter what" feeling? this is a place i'm almost positive would be *perfect* to live in for the next four years I'll definitely be in Louisville.

Would you do it? Even if it was kind of not what you expected? Part of me is so attached to the little tiny space I've created for myself here, but I do feel on top of myself sometimes. I even made a list of pros for both places, and the new place was quite a bit longer than the old. .... I've told myself if it doesn't work out, I can always come back to the old neighborhood again. But something just clicked with me and this place. Like, seriously, a primal feeling that hasn't gone away since I've slept on it (as I'd half-hoped it would, as it usually does when things like this get stuck in my head).

:: a little peek at the surrounding neighborhood

I'll keep you posted on what happens after I see the whole place tomorrow.

For now: cooking, a walk, knitting, lounging. Reclaiming Simple Sundays. Thank goodness for one day a week, at least, all to ourselves.

oh, and here's how the banana/raisin bread turned out:: perfecto!!

it's finally fall here.


  1. Hi Karen,

    Firstly wanted to say sorry I haven't left a comment for some time but I have been dropping by and seeing what you're up to.
    I already know you got the apartment and it sure does look lovely. Can't wait to see inside.
    Your Sunday sounds lovely. I love having days to potter around the house, get a few things done and just relax.


  2. it's okay libby, you have a family to tend to! i'm just me ... and i find myself fairly too busy often, too. i still read your blog every chance I get. Thanks for reading, you are sweet!