Monday, October 5, 2009


I got the apartment!! (yes, the kitchen was lovely, huge and tons of storage space if a little mismatched cabinets to floor etc, and the bathroom was fine though an ugly yellow and brown tile floor, otherwise it's perfect, perfect, hardwood floors... and TWO closets full of shelves and a stained glass window in what will be the sewing room) ....

...I move in (gasp, what is this whim?!) in two and a half weeks. The movers are reserved for two Saturdays from this coming one, and I have not a thing packed.

More to come .... have I done the right thing? My heart says yes; my head hasn't even had time to comprehend, let alone catch up. Sorry, head.

Sometimes you just move where the energy takes you. Bend with the wind. Here we go again!


  1. Oh Karen, it's beautiful!

    And of course it's right!! It sounds perfect! It's so amazing what little changes can make such a quality of life.

    I think for people like us (who process all too much at times) some of the best made plans are sometimes made in haste. Good opportunities often are fleeting, more than others.

    You don't want to be bogged down in the packing up process for a month, so maybe this is a good thing? I think it's enough time?

    You are such an amazing example of bending with the wind! I always seek to emulate your shining energy!

  2. thanks, sarah. it certainly feels good, and you're right ... not used to deciding things so on-the-fly. but i like the pace. done ... and soon over with! can't wait to put some soul into that new place, and cook up a storm with my additional counter space! ; )