Saturday, November 21, 2009

i'm here, just been living it.

The moving dust has finally settled.

Recently, I haven't been around blog/camera land much. Hope I'm forgiven. I really needed to get out and really LIVE life for a while (despite the hit my bank account took, even). Something about turning 30, which I've done pretty seamlessly and successfully (and I feel 21!).

Things I've done:

yoga, three or four classes a week.

Monday night salsa dancing

local music shows

birthday/housewarming party (last night!)

new local restaurants/old favorites with friends

food demonstration for vegan pesto for an earthsave group

vegan thanksgiving (this will actually take place on monday)

upcoming: the nutcracker, as performed by the louisville ballet

I've been cooking again, too. Good, warming stuff. Homemade soups, chili, bean stews, yummy bars and bread and scones.

thanksgiving weekend: five-day montessori homework fest. after that, a small amount of christmas shopping and knitting of a couple dishcloths and scarves for said holiday. this year, i'm spending a weekend in chicago and riding the train home to connecticut.

i'm sure you all understand that sometimes, life just needs to be lived, computerland be damned. i love coming back to your blogs, though, and becoming inspired all over again.

promise to have a finances post soon.

love to you,


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  1. Sigh, I feel the same way most of the time and can thus have blinders to internet life. It's taken SO long to stop living in the future or to be hung up on the past, so when fun / life-force comes my way, I'm hard pressed to pass it by. Computers are time killers even if great social tools. Here I sit on a Saturday night about to log into Twitter. Why..

    I love love your holiday plans. Trains are SO magical. Getting Lost in Translation in Chicago will be so fun to explore. I am so inspired that you've really taken up the knitting to craft hand-made gifts. What a great hobby for passing time while taking in a good flick or sitting in peace.

    I miss you so! Always! Especially as the holiday draws near and the craziness of last week is passing. Wishing I was a bit more "present" 3 days ago.. Just things ramping up with the music blog, putting the last finishing touches on your gift, having to scale back my political committments locally if I ever want to leave this city, figuring out what's going on in Dallas (Too long distance.) I'm finally getting really content on my own terms and hopefully heading into a phase where things congeal and feel at-home-again. Just need to muster energy this sleepy time of year to pick up & go. Get a starter job and the rest will follow?

    Love you!