Friday, November 6, 2009

Regular posting to resume soon ... stay tuned!

::: this is the room that will be the sewing/TV room.

Hello dear readers,

Well, the movers finally arrived yesterday and the furniture has been moved in. I've been blessed with two days off from school plus a weekend, the majority of which has been/will be spent nesting into things here. Organizing, putting away the mess. . Nursing this cold? swine flu? sinus mess? .... reading ... knitting ... planning, always planning. menus, trips home to New England, a weekend in Chicago, train rides. I have to figure homework in there at some point. I really like that I'm looking forward to going to work these days. I am blessed to be working with a wonderful woman who heads the classroom. I am grateful to have a job as a teacher. It makes getting up early easier.

So the home doesn't quite feel like "home" yet .. there is furniture now, but it feels like I'm sleeping in someone else's home.

I've been too tired/overwhelmed/sickish to take or post many pictures, but I assure you I have a ton saved up. I've been making delicious meals lately ... an amazing pear/butternut squash/ginger soup, saag aloo (vegan creamed spinach, an Indian dish), pumpkin/chocolate chip bars, and zucchini chocolate chip bread. Up next: vegan enchiladas and thai-curry pumpkin soup. Soup is best this time of year.

It's looking like washcloths and scarves are the items I'm knitting up for Christmas this year. Easy peasy and not too time-consuming. I also scored a bunch of handcrafted/locally made gifts at the art fair a few weeks ago where I found my new apartment, too!

I realize I promised you a look at my finances/plans regarding that a while ago, but progress on it is slower than expected (but still good!). I am delighted that my credit has somehow vastly improved over the last couple of years, and it's jumped about 40 points ... and it's VERY close to being "good" credit on a scale of poor-fair-good-very good-excellent.

When I had my sewing lesson, I made a drawstring pouch!! I am excited because this is one of the materials I needed to make for my Montessori training materials-making assignment. However the sewing machine needs a repair so no playing around with it for a while. In the meantime, can you all (those of you that sew) enlighten me as to what kind of table/chair would be best for this work? And other basic supplies I'll want to be having around? That would be oh-so-helpful.

I hope you all are doing your best to stay healthy and not stressing too much about the holidays (remember it's not about that!!) and enjoying every moment of gratitude you find in your daily journey. I know I am.

Be well out there (and thanks in advance for any sewing advice you can give me!),



  1. Hi Karen-- thanks for your comment on my blog! I think it's important to be able to raise or lower the height of your chair, and also to have a big comfy cushion to sit on. In my workspace, I have a small (and very wobbly) table with my sewing machine on it, and a larger table with my rotary mat/cutter. I really like being able to spread my fabric out when I cut it-- makes things easier.

    As far as other supplies goes, you can get along just fine with your basics, but the more things you have, the easier the process is going to be. I am deeply in love with my 24 x 36" self-healing cutting mat, my rotary cutter, and my quilter's ruler. Together, these things were about a $75 dollar investment, but worth every penny. Aside from that, your basic sharp scissors (Gingher if you can afford them), pins, needles, marking chalk, and a seam ripper will do the trick.

    Have fun!

  2. that's very helpful, kristina, thank you!

  3. So glad things are going well for you! Can't wait to read more! BTW I love the picture!!