Sunday, March 28, 2010

here's to keeping busy sans camera

oh goodness, i am so sorry for the current lack of pictures on this site ... i don't know what to do about my camera :-( i might just reorder the same one if i can find it. the first one was refurbished.

so what's a blogger without a camera to do except wince a little whenever she sees a great photo op? well here's a few ideas::

teach herself magic loop knitting (not so bad!! if i can do the toe i can do the heel when i get to it!!) AND how to knit front to back (very easy!) :-) yayyyyy for awesome internet tutorials.

talk to her swiss chard (stubborn....) and cat grass (tons of sprouts emerged yesterday!!), and plant romaine seedlings from the first farmer's market visit of the year, and plant basil seeds next to the romaine

see her farmer friend Nick, who's reserving a portion of a CSA (produce only) share for me, yay!

bake a vegan lasagna off the top of her head, no recipe, and having it come out awesome, then bringing said dish, still very hot, to a vegetarian Earthsave potluck at someone's home

read more of the awesome book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

attend the second meeting of the Louisville vegetarian club, discussing healthier ways to eat living (not dead!) foods, and planning a bi-monthly book club!! Eating Animals by (Jonathan Safroer?) is the first one. I'm so excited.

look up recipes for parsnips, which I got from one of the few local farmers setting up shop at the market

troll town for yard sales (only found one, and was too late for another) .... will do this again next weekend!

bake the following, all from the modern ayurvedic cookbook: Blueberry/Almond eggless muffins, bean pilau, coconut/vegetable tofu medley, steamed swiss chard with balsamic, and of course ... green smoothies.

try hard to catch up on some montessori homework (oy vey.....)

plan a trip to Asheville, N.C. with my best friend for spring break week.

listen to jazz all day on NPR

guess that's not too bad .... but i still miss my camera! :-)

happy week, everyone. mine gets to start with two parties at friends' homes: a clothing swap monday night, and a social-justice group fundraiser tuesday night, complete with two bands. this will make me miss yoga not too much, as i recover from what must be a shoulder-area muscle pull (ouch!) all week.

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  1. Those sure are neet things to do! The vegan lasagna sounds delicious!