Tuesday, March 23, 2010

just a beautiful spring day

how i *wish* i could post pictures! my camera still takes them, but you have to hold the on button while you do it. :-(

so much beauty in this sunny, warm, spring day!!

children collecting beech flowers on the playground

children planting carrot seeds

talking to my plants (yes) ... my swiss chard and cat grass, which have yet to poke through the dirt! and watering them.

stored winter veg (i'm really going locavore again soon (shopping at the farmer's market this weekend!), and joining a local CSA this year, and GROWING MY OWN!! I'm reading soooo quickly through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and already dreaming of the heirloom seed catalogs I'm gonna be ordering from next spring) -- sweet potato and acorn squash -- roasting along with olive oil and spices in the oven ... easy dinner with brown basmati rice

my sunporch at 5:45 p.m. with me and computer on it

an evening walk around my pretty neighborhood

40-in. circular needles that have finally come in -- here we go, knee socks!!

getting re-inspired to finish the rest of my Montessori assignments by a friend who I just found out is doing the same training this summer that I did!! She's going to LOVE it, I sure did!! Wish I could do it again (without all the work! lol)!

dreaming of getting a pasta maker for christmas

dreaming of living on a working organic farm

dreaming of knitting an Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater

dreaming of trips to Asheville, N.C. (possibly in another week!) and Montana

a co-worker is in the hospital and not doing well. I get paid Friday and will send her some flowers over the weekend. it's looking like it's going to be a common surgical procedure, but she's in a lot of pain and i'm sending healing energy her way. I can't imagine going through it, and I am terrified of hospitals.

don't you love the smell of spring hyacinth? I'm so lucky to have some on my porch!

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