Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i'm grateful, really ...

sometimes one must use a blog to get out some frustrations, like ...

never enough time in one day

too much solo cooking, cleaning, no one to just curl up with and watch a movie with at day's end with a bowl of popcorn in between

messy living room that looks more like a Montessori classroom

huge annoying pile of paper waiting to be shredded for the compost

lack of husband, child, and large old country home where i homeschool said child

cats who scratch, scratch, scratch the furniture to pieces

too much homework left to accomplish, and weekends that don't help the cause by being bright and sunny with lots of goings-on.

not being a morning person but forced to get up wayyyyyyyyyy too early every day.

soooo little time for sewing ........... knitting .............

okay i'm done :-) and really, i'm grateful for so many things. this was just a vent.

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