Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little update

Hi, there.

Still chipping away at the Montessori work ... not nearly as quickly or diligently as I'd like. I've got a bit of seasonal in-transition weirdness going on internally. Almost like I'm not sure where my feet are, so I'm kind of half-heartedly into everything. It's hard to explain. My spirits are up, but my intentions are kind of everywhere, thinking about everything all at once ... a bit confusing, really. I try to ground myself as much as I can but I can do better here. I guess it's normal for this time of year ..??

Had a nice weekend, going to see Norah Jones, who sounds just like her albums live. She's very sweet and unaffected by her fame. I love that she has stayed very true to herself and hasn't "sold out" to an industry that expects too much from young women. I also attended the monthly vegetarian potluck for Earthsave Louisville, and saw yet another band fronted by a very energetic and lovely woman named Genevieve. Check out Company of Thieves, they're amazing! I'm going to knit her a headscarf. Seriously.

I slept in very late today, made later by daylight savings ... grrr. At least the sun will stay out longer now! I'll be home all day, making pizza dough from scratch (thanks Vegan with a Vengeance!!) ... pesto and mushroom toppings. Getting a tiny bit (bah) more Montessori work done.

I hope to start learning the magic loop technique for knee socks this week. I also hope to get my sewing machine turned on within the next couple of weeks and setting to work making some cloths for my classroom next year. I have no idea what I'm doing beyond winding the bobbin (and barely at that) ... I still have no sewing table .. but I'm hoping my dining room table will work for now as both a cutting table and sewing center.

I need to get Swiss chard potted ... maybe next weekend. This will be the first edible thing I've ever grown! I'm beginning to also think about a tiny herb garden outside the classroom next year. I have no idea what I'm doing and I hope the Internet will help.

As you can see, I have some ambitious reading planned -- I need inspirational words right now. It's like the fuel that keeps me going.

Yoga practice is going strong ... I'd like to do some Zen "sitting" at home for even just a few minutes a couple times a week, to start.

There are robins about everywhere. It's nice to see. Some of the trees are showing tiny buds, and daffodils are just now poking themselves out of the ground. Take the time to notice these things, slow yourself down.

Have a good week.

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