Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Living intentionally

Lately, I've been trying to make dinner more intentional. When you live alone, this can seem silly, but it's not. I set out a placemat, arrange the food i've cooked simply but artfully on a plate with fork and napkin beside, and ... well i'd like to start burning a candle again, too.

Meals have been simple: panini, homemade soup, steamed greens and tofu, fruit smoothies. That's fine with me. Homemade cookies have been happening quite a bit here, too!

I want to thank Nicole for her incredibly thoughtful words. You are a beautiful soul, and your post brought me to happy, hopeful tears ... for myself, and your brother. Your kindness was, is, tangible.

I have found two new extremely inspiring blogs. Thanks to Jessica and www.rhythmofthehome.com It's amazing what finding fresh, inspiring words and pictures (and commonalities to others just like yourself) can do when you've been feeling just a bit down over the course of a somewhat trying day.

Tonight I cooked a delicious but simple meal, baked up a vegan cheesecake, took an unusual (but much-needed!) two-hour nap, woke up and took a slow stroll around my historic old neighborhood, and then came home to sit on the front porch strumming my guitar until it got too dark to see what I was doing.

It's so amazing to slow down and become more intentional. Time slows, too!

Tomorrow will see me back at Kundalini yoga. And to see a friends' bluegrass band's weekly gig.

Thursday a community drum circle?

Lovely dinner out is planned for Friday (hopefully with friends!), and two hours of communal chanting at the yoga studio.

Saturday is the farmer's market, yoga, a Mighty Kindness festival, potluck, and possibly karaoke with the girls.

Sunday, maybe a day hike and picnic.

And some homework in-between the spaces.

All in all, busy not not stressed. Only 10 more school days left!

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