Sunday, May 9, 2010

today (and recently) i ...

walked to the local coffeeshop, sat with a decaf and started...

the Happiness Project

came home and make an egg/cheese/veg panini, then...

spent 2 hours ordering classroom material online

spent 4 hours (yeah!!) with a headache (boo) doing montessori work

made homemade pad thai noodles and took tylenol (and headache disappeared!)

heard from the realtor selling the house i live in that there will be a showing at 1 pm tomorrow ... how's that for last minute? luckily the house is fairly passable. grrrr

now i'm making preliminary parent-teacher conference notes and going to start on some more coursework material for my montessori certification course.

bluegrass show will be on the radio in five minutes.

it was sunny today, but cool so i moved my hike to next saturday and it should coincide with a bluegrass festival.

rest of the weekend was good. ate vietnamese food, bought some exotic groceries (pho noodles, dried peppers), heard live music, met monks and did chanting with them, ate vegan indian food, attended a vegetarian potluck and signed up to teach cooking classes to children in a food desert (low-income) area, attended a hippieish "kindness" festival that i made vegan oatmeal raisin cookies for.

did not do yoga due to another (hormonal/sinus) headache saturday. bah humbug.

there is never enough weekend. did not have time for: yoga, knitting.

but at least there's an end in sight with the montessori work. maybe next weekend!!

i'm going to try and make vegan raisin-carrot bars sometime this week.

i'm still trying to figure out whether to eat vegan or veg but i have a bunch of eggs and cheese to use up in the meantime.

i like setting weekly intentions. i've been less stressed about crossing it all off.

i bought organic cat food for my babies, and it was REALLY expensive. but i don't want them to eat Purina's factory farmed dry food anymore. do you blame me? their poop doesn't smell right and it can't be good for me to breathe in, either.

used the neti pot a few times for some strange stuffiness in the nose

tried to call my family all day but they've been out and about

off to read some blogs, listen to bluegrass and get back to work for at least two more hours before reading (montessori/happiness project) and bed.

this is the last full week of school! with a teacher's luncheon on friday. tomorrow night, i might see a screening of king corn at the university of louisville. friday night i'm going to see Wicked at the Kentucky Center (i have a box again ... i can't help myself!). Hopefully yoga on tuesday, before my woman's cycle kicks in.

have a great week :-)

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  1. We switched Terrapin's food to organic over the past year, and I'm glad we did. Jake had done some research on it and the stuff we were feeding him previously was the equivalent of kitty junk food so we feel better about our choice, even though it is more expensive. But if we're going to spend the money to eat healthier and more ethically ourselves, why shouldn't we extend this to our furry friends. I think it's worth the extra cost to have a healthy and happy kitty. I wish I was less squeamish about cooking meat because I would make it for him from scratch.