Monday, May 10, 2010


plans for an herb garden at school next year.

a rare coffeshop pastry treat: blueberry coffee cake! soooo not vegan ;-)

walking to and from a university of louisville screening of the pbs documentary beyond the motor city: a look at detroit's transportation past and future, along with a subsequent discussion featuring a democratic candidate for mayor

stove-popped corn with olive oil and sea salt!! i'm a convert from air poppers!

the happiness project. great book so far... already jotted down ideas for my own happiness project. sometimes i think i'm happiest when making lists upon lists of ideas and intentions ;-) my boss told me today i seem very good at this! lol

homemade pad thai noodles at lunch time: amazing!! raw carrot and scallion, garbanzos, fried tofu, buckwheat soba, sauce of peanut butter, garlic, ginger, tamari, jalapeno, soymilk.

hummus panini for dinner, followed by sort-of ice cream in the blender: frozen strawberries and soymilk mixed (hormonally lol) with vegan chocolate chips, leftover vegan whipped cream (coconut cream, silken tofu, and powdered sugar), almonds, and ground flaxseed. holy sugar.

cats high on catnip and much mellowed-out. the organic cat food sprinkled with catnip is going well.

a realtor who claims she's looking at selling to investors ... which would mean i'd get to keep renting this amazing place, hopefully indefinitely!!

if you haven't read the happiness project yet, it's a great read so far!!

tomorrow's agenda: yin yoga. wednesday's agenda: attending a meeting at a local church to find out more about teaching cooking classes for low-income minority children in town! and seeing my bluegrass band friends play :-)

no word on the camera yet ... i am trying to wait patiently.

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  1. Just found your blog...inspiring! Love the Happiness Project.