Sunday, May 30, 2010

lots of work, and almost four days of summer "vacay" ...

what a day of work done!!

slept in till after 11, so not started until noon. ... got my new computer set up over coffee, then dillied online for a bit.

at two, started massive overhaul of second bedroom, completely clearing one of the two huge closets. now one is empty for the renters, and one is full, in a very organized-looking way, of my boxes of papers and other stuff (a huge winter project is to tackle the contents of all of those said boxes....).

i moved all of my dresses and skirts, which i keep in that room, to my living room coat closet, put loads of montessori stuff in my car so i could move sweaters, etc. behind the couch while the renters are here. about 4 trips to the car.

the room was then swept, and some questionable "kitty" spots removed with vinegar and a mop. the TV was dusted off (yeah been a couple months since i used it ... when do people have time to watch it?). stuck a candle in there, an extra quilt, a power strip and some converters (2-way to 3-way outlets). it looks empty but pretty ... just waiting for their mattress!

scrubbed my tub, sink and toilet with vinegar/baking soda, and took a huge pile of rotting produce (oops) to the compost bin outside.

after all this ... i was famished so i made a vegan smoothie, then took a shower.

just now i took half an hour and washed, drained, cut, mixed in sugar, and froze in quart jars two quarts of summmer strawberries -- LOCAL!! -- for the winter. i have enough to do about three more, but i've run out of sugar so i'll have to pick some up this week. they do look so pretty, sitting there!

i'm giving myself another hour to hour and a half to clean the rest of the house (my room, living room, dining room, kitchen). then, perhaps a large plate of steamed collard greens and some sitting on the porch with book/guitar/daydreams.

a day well spent, i'd say!!

monday: bring cardload of stuff to school, finish up the montessori stuff i didn't get done saturday (thanks to the computer woes/trip to best buy), and take the rest of the day.....OFF!! we have a big beatles festival here so i may do that, and some more porch sitting.

traveling light this year ... hopefully just two vintage blue suitcases and a box of the materials i have to bring with me for the examiners!

<3 have a great week, everyone!

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