Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekending, with camera in hand!

i'll let the pictures do the talking, since it's been so long!

one small note ... i'm typing this on a new Dell Inspiron laptop. I can say I'm quite fairly in love with it already, but it really did make me think .... see, yesterday my old 2005 dell died. yep, the hard drive just. failed. followed by hysterical crying from me (this is less than a week before i leave for school, and i'm also trying desperately to rent one of my bedrooms via email). the problem? no money for a new laptop, even this one, which wound up costing $508. my credit cards are backed up by school purchases, and my money is very very tight for school over the summer and general living expenses (i was on a 10-month pay plan with the school, so i don't get paid for two months every summer...this is changing next year).

long story short, i wound up with a loan from the bank of mom and dad. now, thank goodness i have good parents, but ... really? and it hit me like a lightbulb: if i'd had an emergency fund, I could have paid for this no problem. so ... emergency fund is one of my fall goals. followed closely by opening say a 3-year CD. I just can't be trusted with even a regular savings account with ING, apparently. I'll keep it open and figure on a use for it, but really .... emergency fund/CD must. happen. lesson learned.

i am a horrible spender and i'd say this is my biggest weakness. at least my intention is there to work on it .... halfway there. :-(

on the plus side, yesterday I did purchase, for $10, from a very amazing old bookshop, a copy of The Little Princess illustrated by Tasha Tudor. Boy did it feel good having it tucked under my arm, knowing i was going to read it to my class next school year. and i was very happy that the shop keeper kindly reminded me ... to save all of my receipts from now on to claim on my taxes as educator expenses...even yard sale finds! bless her soul, i don't know why i never thought of that.

food this week will be simple, tofu and collards and various other assorted greens. it's been so hot and i've been so busy that i've grabbed a lot of sandwiches, etc. on the go. groan ....... i am so not happy with my careless spending. when will i get fed up? sigh.

i try and remember that when i take walks and imagine myself owning some the pretty houses i come across. they didn't get there by going out to eat all the time! (of course most of them are probably two-income

i'm also going to freeze strawberries.

i leave town friday for four weeks of review, exams, and graduation!

and now, without further ado ....

i have tons more but i don't want to be too overwhelming. can you tell i'm glad to have my canon back? :-)

today will be spent cleaning the apartment for renters and finishing the never-ending homework.

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  1. HI Karen,

    So glad you got your camera back - as I imagine you are too. LOVE all the photos. Looks like you live in am amazing town.

    Libby (playing catch up with blogs)