Friday, May 28, 2010

good news...

my CAMERA is FIXED!! i'll pick it up tomorrow.

in the past 10 days, i've ....

fought, and fought, and fought my allergies away (giving up and letting the immune system do what it would after half of it). they're lingering but not nearly as bad as they were when we had rain for days and days.

lost my usual voracious appetite. i'm attributing it to the sudden change in weather to HOT. HOT. very sunny. HOT. this is a normal seasonal thing for me. anyone else get this way when the weather shifts?

gone on a fabulous date with a fabulous gentleman.

eaten tons of local, juicy strawberries after learning i'm *no longer allergice* to them, after 30 years!!! i LOVE strawberries! hoping to freeze some this saturday for the winter.

admitted love.

been a bit out of sorts with the transition from working to limbo-before-school. i don't want to cook and so i buy sandwiches everywhere (and eat then when feeling not-hungry). i have strange sleeping hours. i have no routine whatsoever. walking and yoga have gone out the window. enter, drooling over daydreams. what. the. heck. again, this could be weather-related.

not wanting to housekeep, either. seems like so. much. work. i do bits at a time, instead. sunday is a big clean day, though, gotta get ready for the summer renters.

worked slowly on finishing up all my work for school, for which i leave in a week. never dreamed it'd take me so long. but i should be done for good on saturday.

got new bedsheets and pillows, organic cotton. divine.

local music. local music festivals. good "snooty" pints of beer.

fallen in love with my swiss chard, which is so beautiful and faithful and never wilts, no matter how much i forget to water it and eat it.

cleaned out my car, finally. tomorrow i'll take it to get a tune-up, etc. and then for its first wash in forever.

started on "building" my classroom for next year. interviewed several new students, and learned not to set out paint and waterwork for a 2.4-year-old girl. so much for her dress ....

babysitting activities: barbies, karaoke wearing a statue of liberty crown, sidewalk chalk, inflatable swimming pools, swingsets, animal card games, walks to the library, the park playground, princess leia hairdos, naps in the middle of the day.

got engrossed in an incredible tale: Julia Alvarez's In the Time of the Butterflies.

in the next week, i'll try to adjust better to the weather as i gear up for four days of nothing but: day hikes, walks, porch sitting, and more live music. i deserve a four-day self-love fest before the trial of school and exams in june!!

i feel like a wanton wanderer, slothing through the days, dimly recognizing that some things, like laundry and errand-running, must be done, and doing most, but not all of it (out of sheer laziness). this is the not-me of all time. this is the transitioning-to-summer-which-came-all-too-suddenly me.

i'm not complaining, but it all feels a bit surreal. of course, life feels like that before big travels, too. six hours away is big travel for me these days.

hoping for a sweet (post-exam) summer of porch-sitting, music, romance, books, and classroom beautification. and, of course, getting more used to this oppressive heat. so i can eat farmer's market stuff right off the table without having to cook a thing, of course. i love my stove, but i barely want to get off my bottom these days. so ready-to-eats, like those snap peas i inhaled yesterday ... that's what i'm talking about.

looking forward to picture posts again!! i know you are too!!

peace, friends.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot in store for you right now! The romantic in me hopes to hear more about this "fabulous gentlemen you mentioned"! :) Happy travels! Will you be posting while your away?