Sunday, August 15, 2010

lemons ...

Sometimes, life throws you a juggle, and your job is to keep it up.

In the midst of some things that are very new to me and not entirely easy, I use my kitchen and other homebody-type things to keep me grounded. Well, that and a fair amount of meditation, the best that i know how.

recently-finished newborn hat for a friend

a favorite quick meal, fried tofu and steamed bok choy mixed with tahini, lemon juice, salt, pepper, balsamic, sesame seeds, and a few sprays of bragg's. i eat this several times a week for dinner.

my dinner last night, at the lovely monthly earthsave potluck (which is all vegetarian)

Next Saturday begins a very special 8-week reading of the Bhagavad Gita at my yoga studio, by the way. I'm hoping this will be transformative. I'm actually seriously looking to establish a regular meditative practice in addition to regular yoga sessions.

by the way, half of the tomatoes were too charred to use after 4 hours. my oven is horrific, and is being replaced this month. i'll just have to keep a closer watch next time...luckily tomato season will last a week or two more here!

I often wish this blog were more generalized so maybe I'd attract more readers, but then it wouldn't truly be mine, would it? I think the best simple living journals are not only the ones with the best photographs where it looks like the clouds never, the very very best ones are the ones where you share a piece of your soul and we see how you fit it into the puzzle of the intentional life you are trying, bit by bit, to create.

i love all of you that read this space, and could use your words right now if you are up to it. please, send a friend here, too. the more, the merrier.

tomorrow is the first day of school!


  1. Karen, I love your blog! And you are so right. The better blogs are the ones that share more of who you really are. I oftentimes think my blog is limited because it's mostly about food and diet. But it is a big part of who I am ;-)

  2. Does it count that I just found you and think your blog is marvelous? Mine is also a hodge podge and I noticed the writing style varies with my mood. Still, it's me so I'm fine with that. I'll be back.