Wednesday, August 11, 2010

picture pages.

from my sweetie, they are surprise lilies <3

mmmmm pesto made from local basil. my version is vegan, and includes garlic, nutritional yeast, olive oil, walnuts, salt and pepper.

recently-finished hat for a friend's coming newborn ... next up is the 3 to 6 month old version. i'll be making another set in white with blue ribbon for another pregnant friend. tis the season of baby-makin'. i'm jealous!

i'm exhausted but wanted to upload some pictures. i can't believe i just survived my first-ever new parent meeting! i am both terrified and thrilled to walk down this new road::Montessori primary directress! Must reread a chapter or two of The Absorbent Mind this weekend ... and get the rest of this post-moving mess in order so I can have some Zen in my evenings.

in the midst of all this, i am trying to frantically sew cloths for some of the polishing works in my classroom, begin the bones of a happiness project like Gretchen Rubin's, read Crime and Punishment, and make pints upon pints of basil pesto and sundried tomatoes to put by for the winter. an introvert who's never happy unless she's buzzing with activity ... ummmm okay. ;-)

i can't wait for the more-settledness of fall. i truly plan on having a "lazy" fall and winter ... i've been a whirlwind of "community action" for far too long now. despite my love of involvement, it's time for some serious brunch on Sunday-park picnic-woods hike-sewing-knitting-reading time. i'll still do my earthsave potluck and vegetarian club meetings ... but as far as getting to every. single. event. no. i'm finally feeling less like a tourist here ... although i'd be lying if i said i didn't have a constantly running list of all the amazing things this state and city offers that i still want to try!

i do have another agenda for summer 2011 in new england .. which includes the ocean, and some drives up to maine (acadia!!), vermont, hopefully some pick-yer-own fruit excursions ..... and lots of train rides. i miss you, new england. badly. i'm really considering a future summer home there if several current (and amazing!) circumstances keep me in lovely louisville, kentucky ....

i'm excited about:: homemade pizza fridays (this friday it'll be squash and pepper pesto pizza with daiya), a *real* hair appointment at a *real* hair salon, the movie eat, pray, love, and a romantic ;-) labor day weekend in chicago (chocolate tower french toast at bongo room, here i come!!).

love and light,


the classroom!! here is the reading corner. i'm starting the year focused on mammals and other living things that is the theme you see in the bookshelves and the wall.

just a part of my language area in-progress. so much work ...

here's the room all set up for parent orientation night, with chairs around the ellipse. those windows will have curtain valances on them soon, made from an old thrifted sheet. these windows let in so much natural light. i love it.

practical life, a bright, happy area i love. you can just see my van gogh print of the almond tree on the pretty green wall.

wish this didn't come out blurry ... do you spy my little house book? and "poems to read to the very young" ... and classroom job cards ... and "louisville a to z."


  1. yay! your room looks wonderful karen - sooo many (essential) boxes of kleenex sprinkled about. smart lady you are. have a wonderful year, you've worked so hard to get to this point. and to think, there is someone special (!!!) in your life now to share it with. feels like it's going to be a good one. xoxo

  2. The classroom looks absolutely wonderful!