Friday, September 17, 2010


Today's Simple Thoughts:
Outside my window... were flowers.
I am thinking... about the family i want to start and why it hasn't happened yet. maybe so i can take my time and learn how to do it right?
I am thankful best friend and my parents.
From the learning rooms.. I am learning to find life's joy in children, even when they are being irritating. that's when we must dig deep and learn to love them more. and express, outwardly, that we're loving them more. it will change our insides!
From the kitchen... just took vegan hawaiian pizza out of the oven.
for Lunch:leftover eggplant stew and polenta, and some roasted potatoes with pesto. didn't eat much, though. weird stomach thing going on today.
I am wearing... old-fashioned nightgown.
I am creating... a knitted birthday surprise, and some baby hats. and a simpler life ...
I am going... to move again in 10 days. i don't like this idea, but i do like shedding even more stuff (is it really possible? yes, it is!)
I am reading... Crime and Punishment, and Ethics into Action and about six other books with the bookmark stuck halfway through.
I am hearing... The radio and the dishwasher
A few plans for the rest of the week: pack stuf for moving, yoga classes, walks in the park, bout it, that.

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